Prompt Delivery proudly presents the unique service of progressive delivery. This service is new to the market and currently only our clients can enjoy its benefits.

You may wonder what those benefits are and how much they cost. We will gladly explain them to you.

Imagine yourself placing a big serious order with our company. It may be a dissertation or a thesis. What are your feelings? You are probably a bit concerned. You know as a reliable company and have already ordered a few projects from us. But what if the writer fails to complete the paper in due time? When it is a three-page paper the risk is not so serious. In the worst case you can still do something, but what about a large dissertation, consisting of good fifty pages? What if the writer does something wrong? What if he/she simply misunderstands something in your instruction? Well, if you are concerned about this sort of things, our innovative progressive delivery service is just what you need.

Now let us have a closer view of how it all works. Progressive delivery service is a service, designed for large orders and for the clients, who want to see how their work progresses and make necessary remarks and changes.  You will have a look at what is done and this will give you the comfort of knowing that the work is on track. On the other hand, you will have a nice opportunity to make sure the writer understands everything about the paper. While your paper is being revised in accordance with your comments, the writer keeps on working on the paper.

Due to this service, we have received positive feedback. It is a perfect service for large papers, and many of our clients are surprised how it could have happened, that nobody else got the idea so far. enjoys the role of the innovator in this field, especially because the number of our clientele has increased due to this service. Students, who have used the services of other companies, are our customers now. This has turned out to be the service, which has been expected by the market for a long time.

Among other great advantages of ordering this innovative service is the fact that you will be able to plan your academic activities in accordance with the paper’s progress made by the writer.

Thus, if you like the idea of ordering progressive delivery service, please, mark respective field in the order form and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will contact you in order to set the schedule of your progressive delivery. From the very beginning, you will know when each one of your paper's drafts will be delivered. We will also calculate your final price and assign the most skillful and experienced writer who is good at writing papers in your subject. Then, the process will start.

Please note that each customer has an option of using the same writer for all of the orders. To use this option, please enter preferred writer’s ID in special gap of the order form. This will add 15% to your order total and money will go directly to your writer.

If you order a paper using our writing service, you can revise your paper for free. If your paper doesn’t exceed 20 pages, you’ve got 48 hours to apply for a free revision. If the number of pages is more than 20, you have 1 month to use free revision option.

Use our innovative progressive delivery service if you want to make sure everything goes well with your paper. It is definitely worth the money paid.

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