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The thesis discussion or dissertation discussion is one of the most important elements that should be included in any student's dissertation. It is the longest and most complex section of any dissertation.

The discussion section of a dissertation comes after the candidate has conducted his/her research, has analyzed the research discoveries and has written the results. This section is arguably the most problematic and challenging part of the dissertation and takes a good amount of energy, knowledge and skill to complete. It is the job of the person writing the dissertation discussion to explain why the dissertation committee should care about the contents of the dissertation. It is not a rehash of what was discovered during the research. Much thought must be behind every sentence.

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Dissertation Discussion

The thesis discussion or dissertation discussion involves the writer of the dissertation discussing how and why the data used in the research was arranged and collected for the project. The writer has to explain the methods of data collection and why it was performed. Students are graded heavily on the dissertation discussion section. For this reason, it is very important to write this section correctly.

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The dissertation discussion section should be completely unbiased

The person who is writing the dissertation discussion should include a completely unbiased perspective based and substantiated in facts that are concluded from the dissertation. Proper referencing of all suggestions and evaluations are presented on the Literature Review section. The dissertation discussion includes an interpretation of the project's hypothesis. It is the duty of the writer to demonstrate any and all results obtained and to give the reading audience rationale with sustainable results.

The dissertation results and dissertation discussion appear sequentially. They play a very important role in one's thesis as they are interrelated. For this reason, both sections have similar descriptions. If one is in doubt about what to put in the dissertation discussion section, it is advisable to enlist the services of Our professional dissertation specialists can help at an affordable price.

Dissertation Discussion: Important Tasks to Complete

One should make sure that his/her dissertation discussion section:

  • Interprets and explains the results that were gathered during research;
  • Provides answers to the hypothesis or research question
  • Provides readers with a justification of the approach that was taken to conduct the research
  • Critically evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the research.

Dissertation Discussion Checklist

When working on the dissertation discussion section, one should go slowly and carefully to make sure that it includes everything mentioned in the following list:

  • Unbiased interpretation of results;
  • Significance of results in the light of previous research;
  • Broader implications of the study's results;
  • Limitations in research
  • Suggestions for improvements

We work on:

  • How and why the data for the research was gathered
  • The correct way to ascertain conclusions and results
  • How it can be linked together with the overall theme of the dissertation

One should be confident about the language used in a dissertation discussion as well as the structure used to construct the sentences and paragraphs. At, our goal is to present the dissertation discussion section by using the exact instructions provided in the guidelines of the institution where the student attends classes.

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