Dissertation Introduction Chapter

The initial chapter of any dissertation is its introduction. This chapter sets the stage for all materials that will appear in following chapters. It should never be mistaken for a creative writing assignment and should be heavily substantiated. The introduction chapter of a dissertation should be heavy with transitional words and sentences that flow from one to the next. The objective is to allow readers to follow the writer's thinking and anticipate what should be followed in the other chapters of the document.

Learning About the Dissertation Introduction Chapter and Its Contents

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The introduction chapter of one's dissertation should have:

  1. A statement of the problem that will be addressed in the dissertation,
  2. A short overview of the study that was used to substantiate the dissertation,
  3. The significance of the study should be discussed briefly,
  4. Descriptions of the various chapters contained in the dissertation.

In the initial part of the dissertation introduction section, the student should state the general field of interest and the problem that his/her dissertation addresses. The objective is to illustrate to the reader the reasons why a particular dissertation is important. In this section the reader should be apprised of ways in which the dissertation will account for any gaps in previously conducted research. Through effective writing, the reader should be shown why a given dissertation has significance and how it might be useful in the studied discipline.

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Next, the student should provide readers with a brief overview of the study. It should briefly summarize all major research questions. It is not necessary to go into any lengthy detail in this area. An example might read "This dissertation attempts to address the issue of homelessness in urban America and its general affects on American society as a whole". The reader should be informed of what the writer intends to do in terms of research. A dissertation consultant at Top-Dissertations.com can be of valuable service in this area.

In the following section of a dissertation introduction chapter, the writer should reveal the significance of the dissertation in general. He/she should briefly write about how his/her particular findings might be applied to a significant problem or issue. This section will help the reader glean the paper's overall significance in addressing the problem. A dissertation consultant from Top-Dissertations.com can help.

The last part of the introduction section should contain the information about the chapters that follow throughout the rest of the dissertation. An example might be "In the third chapter of this dissertation, the literature on homelessness in America is discussed" or "In chapter 6 of the dissertation, complete statistical analyses will be discussed". This provides the reader a roadmap of what is to follow.

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