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Even if you have already written your dissertation by yourself, you can still use our services. We can offer you proofreading and editing services. There is the number of reasons why it is worthwhile using our services. First of all, it is very important to understand that not all of the students, who study at English speaking universities or departments, are native speakers of English. Thus, if English is not your native language and you worry that you may have certain mistakes in your dissertation due to this circumstance, it may be worthwhile using our proofreading and editing services.

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Even if you are a native speaker of English and your dissertation is full of brilliant innovative ideas and is written in a perfect academic style, there still could be a few unfortunate mistakes, which can bring your grade down substantially. It is unbelievable what a great influence such mistakes can have on your final grade. You certainly do not want to see your final grade go down just because of some spelling mistakes and a couple of wrongly formatted quotations. This is why it is worthwhile ordering our services.

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It is well known that for some reason a person does not notice mistakes when revising his/her own writing. Our experienced proofreaders and editors are taught to watch out for various mistakes. All sorts of mistakes will be found and corrected.

Another serious matter is plagiarism. Professors at the universities all over the world make a big point of plagiarism. It is so serious that the punishment for a plagiarized paper can go as far as to dismiss a student from the educational establishment. It is important to watch out for possible plagiarism. The problem is that there are different types of software for anti-plagiarism check. Software products use different mechanism. This is why it is possible to find yourself in a situation, where you have checked your work with anti-plagiarism software but it does not meet the university requirements just because it is considered to be plagiarized. Now our proofreading and editing services include plagiarism check. We run the paper through several plagiarism detection programs, each one of which uses different check algorithms. This is why after our check you can be absolutely sure that your work is plagiarism free and no software will be able to prove different. You can get a plagiarism report screenshot (on request).

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It is worth mentioning that the prices for our proofreading and editing services are very affordable and it is highly advisable for every student to have his/her papers checked by our company. This way you will prevent spelling mistakes from influencing your score.

Many learners depend on software spell-check products. However, such programs are not able to find all the mistakes. It takes an experienced human being to see all the mistakes. Our editors work in two ways. First of all, your paper is being run through professional grammar check software. It shows the editor possible mistakes, spelling errors and other issues. The editor changes the paper accordingly or leaves it unchanged in places, where it is not required to make any changes.

The second way is when the editor carefully reads the text of your paper looking out for possible mistakes. After these two checks, not a single professor is capable of finding any mistakes in the papers of our clients.

Even if you have bought your paper from some other company, try our highly affordable editing service. You will see you have spent your money on poor work buying paper from other services. We will have everything improved for you, and next time you will prefer our company to write your paper.

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