I am unwilling to share my phone number and email with anybody. Can I avoid that, placing my orders?

The validity of your contact details is very much desired. It is recommended for every client to share their details without any fear for various emergency cases when discussing essential aspects of the order that cannot be delayed.

I have started the project already. Can I pay only for the remaining part?

We can either complete the whole project or deal with its part only. If you have any further questions about placing an order for only several sections of the paper, feel free to address them to the agents of the support team any time of the day or night.

I need to talk to my writer. Is that possible to do?

We have added a convenient system of messages between the clients and writers. You can access it from your account and discuss all the issues you need. Moreover, you can get in touch with the agents of the customer support 24/7 and resolve your urgent issues.

If I see that the paper requires some changes, either minor or major, will you revise it?

Ordering an assignment, you always give a set of instructions which you cannot change afterwards. If you have received your ordered paper and it is done not in adherence with the given guidelines, you are entitled to request for doing a free revision within 2 days after the paper is delivered to your account. Revision…

How might a customer order custom writing from Top-Dissertations.com

All first-time customers have to fill in a simple order form on our website. Having followed all the instructions carefully and placed an order you will get an instant access to your personal membership area that will give you an opportunity to check your order status, communicate with customer support or your writer directly.

How do I know when a writer has been assigned to my project?

Every order is assigned to a writer as soon as the customer’s payment has been processed. The status of said order may be checked by logging in to the student area of Top-Dissertations.com. Once the customer notices an “In Progress” message in the status check, this indicates that the paper has been assigned to a writer and is being worked on.

What if I need to give my writer more information or other instructions?

It is important to let our writing staff know if there are any clarifications or information that the customer feels should be included in any paper that a customer has ordered. We invite our customers to make contact with their writers. Our round-the-clock customer support can also help with any issues that may arise.

Where might I locate my writer’s ID?

To locate a given writer’s identification number, we ask that our customers go to their personal account pages, log in and click on the tab that indicates his/her order number. This is located in the communication panel. This is where he/she may write and send a message to the writer that he/she wishes to communicate with. The reply will appear in the customer’s inbox. Customer service can assist with any problems or questions.

How can a customer be certain that Top-Dissertations.com finds a writer that meets his/her level and topic?

Our writing staff exceeds 250 dissertation and other academic paper writers. Each specialist has at least one academic area of expertise. When a customer places an order, we match that order to the writer that is right for that particular task.

Does the editing status indicate that there may be problems with a customer’s paper?

The editing portion of our services is a normal part of the writing progress. When a paper is being edited, this does not mean that there are necessarily any problems at all. After a writer completes any writing assignment, the paper is automatically sent to our editing department where it is carefully examined to make sure it contains no plagiarism or errors. The spelling, grammar and formatting are also checked. Once the assignment has been thoroughly checked, the customer’s order status changes to “Completed” and he/she may then download a perfect document.

Why is your writing so much better than that written by other companies?

There are many reasons for our superiority in the writing industry. We have been in business longer than most other writing services; therefore, we have more experience. We hire the best writing, editing, research and customer service staff. We have the most sophisticated plagiarism detection software in existence, and we genuinely care about our work and our customers.

Do customers need to pay for their orders in advance?

Writing will begin on any order as soon as the payment has been cleared, yes. We accept all major credit and debit cards. For the convenience of the customer who prefers not to use a credit card, we also accept PayPal, the fast, secure way to pay for anything online.

If an order is extremely large and complex, can the customer expect a discount?

Top-Dissertations.com has a pricing policy that was specifically designed for large, complex orders. The larger order a customer places, the more money he/she saves with our lifetime discount policy. If a customer feels that a particular order is particularly large, we urge him/her to contact a customer support representative to work out a commonly agreed-upon price reduction.

Are customers charged for the title pages of their documents?

We always provide our customers with a number of free pages. The title page is included in this incentive offer. The customer only pays for the main body of any paper ordered from Top-Dissertations.com. This is only one of the many reasons that buying one’s paper through Top-Dissertations.com is far better than ordering writing from the competition. Every customer gets higher quality work at a lower price with many added benefits.

Why do some customer’s orders not show they are in active progress as soon as the payment has been made?

It can take a little time to find the perfect writer to work on a particular order. Customers should be aware, however, that we pay special attention to every paper’s deadline. In the history of Top-Dissertations.com, we have never missed a single deadline. In fact, we guarantee that every paper will be delivered on time, so if a customer notices that his/her paper is not yet in progress, he/she can rest assured that it will be performed shortly.

Do you accept rush orders for assignments if the deadline is less than 24 hours?

Although they are discouraged, we do offer rush services wherein any paper may be completed in 12, 24 or 48 hours. Even with our rush orders, we guarantee that every customer’s specific requirements will be met. However, the minimal deadline for an order is 3 hours. Please note that urgent orders have definite number of pages and complexity level available for you to be sure that your paper will be delivered on time. There is a slightly higher fee for papers that are designated as rush orders as we keep our writers on duty around the clock until these orders have been completed perfectly.

What about confidentiality?

Top-Dissertations.com guarantees that no personal or financial information will be revealed to any third party after it is received by our customer service department. Customers can expect full confidentiality with regard to their email address, telephone number, name, credit card information, or any other information given to us at the time the customer places an order. For further information about our full confidentiality guarantee, please contact our customer service department.

Where is your writing service located?

We exist as an exclusive academic writing company in the United States. We stand alone as a leader in the writing industry. We accept English language orders from all over the world and serve thousands of international students annually.

What methods of payment do you accept? Is it safe to pay through your site?

We encourage our customers to feel confident that all their financial transactions are perfectly safe when using our completely secure, easy-to-navigate website. At this time, we accept all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal for the convenience of the customer who does not wish to use a credit card. Our customer’s payments are quickly and safely processed using these methods. We complete literally thousands of financial transactions on our website each year. To date, there has never been a single mishap. Customers can have confidence that their credit card information and PayPal payments are perfectly safe when payments are made through our website.

How do you determine the price of a paper?

There are a number of different ways employed to determine the price of a dissertation or other academic writing. At Top-Dissertations.com, we consider each order individually and do not have one sweeping price for all papers. Every order is determined by such details as the paper’s deadline, the number of pages and the level of difficulty of the writing. We work hard to keep our rates as low as possible. We also give a number of discounts to our new and returning customers.

What are my writer’s qualifications to handle my order?

The Top-Dissertations.com professional writing staff is made up of writers with the highest qualifications. Our elite writers are all native English speakers who have, at minimum, 5 years of experience in the online writing arena. Most of them have more than that. The majority of our writers are professionals who have Master’s degrees or PhDs from some of the finest, accredited universities in the world. Each writer has a specific area of specialization that qualifies that writer as an expert. Before hiring any writer, his/her skill level is carefully investigated for professional and academic experience, results of a strenuous English language test, an application essay, the scores received when tested on a particular discipline, his/her current availability and dedication to completing the work that is assigned. We also hire writers who have certain personality characteristics such as empathy, willingness to work hard, the ability to follow through on any task and a caring attitude towards our customers.

Are customers allowed to choose any writer they want?

Returning customers are given the opportunity to request a writer if that writer has previously completed a paper for that customer. When placing an order, the option to choose a particular writer will be made obvious by clicking the “I want a specific writer” tab that appears during the order taking process. We ask that all customers click this tab in the drop down menu to assure that the designated writer is assigned to the project. If the customer fails to indicate his/her preference in this manner during the order taking process, we cannot guarantee that the writer he/she wants to work with will be assigned to the project.

What country is my writer from?

At Top-Dissertations.com, we only hire those writers who are native English speakers that have mastered the English language. We hire writers from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and England. We do not hire third world country natives, or anyone who is not fluent in English, regardless of any other factors. We contend that only a native English speaking writer has the capability to write a perfect English language based paper.

Is it possible that my paper will be plagiarized?

When a customer places an order with Top-Dissertations.com, he/she may rest assured that the work will be 100% original. We guarantee this. We have our own detection system for plagiarism. Each paper is scanned through the system that has the capacity to detect any and all Internet plagiarism without fail. We do not use public databases, so each scan is perfectly safe. Our guarantee of plagiarism-free writing ensures our customers the safety of every word on every page being checked for originality. It should be noted that our guarantee of no plagiarism extends to only those items that can be found on the Internet. There is no technology sufficient enough to find plagiarism incurred using all sources. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that no paraphrased text has been included in a given document. In order to be on the safe side, we ask that all customers check their documents by using reliable software and that they send Top-Dissertations.com the report generated by it. Please note that any customer who orders editing or proofreading services at Top-Dissertations.com is personally responsible for uploading a paper that is free from plagiarism.

Do you have pre-written essays in your database?

We do keep previously completed orders in a database, but only for the purpose of ensuring that every paper written by our writers is free from Plagiarism. All orders placed with Top-Dissertations.com consist of completely new, original writing that is performed from scratch.

What format do you use for your custom essays?

Unless otherwise instructed, every paper written at Top-Dissertations.com has 1″ margins on every side and contains approximately 300 words per page. We format all papers using Times New Roman, 12 point font. All papers are double spaced. However, customers may request special formatting by including their specific requirements on the order page of our website, under the category “Paper instructions”.

When will my custom paper be completed?

When a customer places an order with our writing service, he/she is allowed the option of choosing from a number of different delivery options. This is what determines when a paper will be completed. We always complete any job in time to meet its deadline. We calculate the time automatically from the minute the payment has been processed on our website. If an order is paid for at 5 PM on Tuesday and the customer has chosen a 2 day delivery option, the paper will be completed within exactly 48 hours. We request that all customers provide our writers with a timeframe of at least from 1 to 3 hours for a page in order to complete the order if an urgent deadline is designated. It is important to choose the most suitable deadline when one places any order with Top-Dissertations.com. It is equally important that each customer upload any and all additional resources and materials when the order is first placed. Failure to comply will cause delays in delivery of the order. Customers have the option to choose the Progressive Delivery service option if they wish. When choosing this option, the customer receives a delivery schedule designed specifically for that particular customer. It will be followed up by the writer who is assigned to a particular order. The Final Submission deadline is considered to be the exact date upon which a customer has to submit a writing order. We ask all customers to confirm that their Final Submission Deadline exceeds their First Draft Deadline by as much as 30%. This will allow time for revision, if necessary.

How does one fill in an inquiry form on your website?

In order to fill in an inquiry form on our website, we require that each customer specify the page count, topic, number of sources and delivery date on the order form. There is a comment section on the form that asks customers to specify precisely what they require in the order. The customer is also asked to designate the course title, style of writing desired and other details that might be pertinent. Our writers appreciate any comments from the student that might help them write a better paper. The customer may submit a free inquiry if all instructions for the order have been followed. After the appropriate writer has been found, the customer will be sent the payment link for further processing.

How might a customer send any necessary materials to the writer?

Once a customer has completed the order form, he/she will be automatically provided with a dedicated page on our website. It will be titled “Personal order page.” Any pertinent materials that are needed by the writer to create the best paper can be attached directly to the “Files” section of this page. This option must be previously selected in the order form. Once the information has been uploaded, it will be visible to the writer to work with and used as needed. If a customer experiences any difficulties during the upload process, he/she is urged to contact customer service immediately for assistance.

Please define my Personal Order Page and tell me how it works.

A customer’s “Personal Order Page” is the location on our website that allows the customer to track the progress of his/her order, upload materials that the writer needs and communicate with our customer service staff and the customer’s writer. For the convenience of the customer, each Personal order page contains the following:

  • An “All orders” button that assists in the tracking an order’s history. This tab displays a list of all current and past projects placed with Top-Dissertations.com.
  • A “New order” button where customers can submit any requests for new orders.
  • The “Your Profile” section that contains our customers’ personal information. Customers are provided with the option to change their passwords in this section.

Each customer will be able to check the “Order info” section of the website and use the designated “Messages” tab to communicate with the writer and our customer service staff.

How do customers receive their completed papers?

Once an order has been completed, you are free to download it from your personal account on our website. Another copy of your paper will be sent to you via email. So, you can choose any of the options to receive your custom written paper.

Will I be able to download a printable Microsoft Word version of my paper?

Yes, our customers can download a Microsoft Word printable version of any order, once it has been completed. The file is located on customer’s Personal Order page under “Files”.

My deadline has come and gone. Where is my paper?

No paper written by Top-Dissertations.com has ever been delivered late. In the unlikely event, we ask that the customer contact our customer service immediately. He/she may write a message to customer service on the website’s Order page, conduct a live chat session or telephone us using the toll-free number provided. Sometimes customers enter an incorrect email address when placing an order or the link can be found in their email’s SPAM folders.

What happens if a customer is not satisfied with his/her paper?

We guarantee customer satisfaction with every order. If a paper requires any changes, the customer is welcome to request a free revision during 48 hours after deadline expires for papers less than 20 pages long. If your order contains more than 20 pages, you have 1 month to apply for a free revision. If significant alterations are required, a rewriting fee is calculated according to the complexity of the assignment. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions that a customer may have about refunds and our revision policy. The bottom line is that we want our customers to be happy with the work that we do, so we do everything possible to make sure that each client is fully satisfied with his/her order.

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