Same sex marriages by definition refers to all forms of marriage unions whereby persons of similar gender or sex marry and form a family unit, as would a man with a woman in a traditional marriage setup which is predominantly heterosexual in nature. This may take the form of a man marrying another man or a woman tying the knot with a woman. This form of marriage has a direct bearing on the wider society in terms of health, morally and the wider realm of human sexuality at large. In several countries, this kind of marriage has not been accepted even though people are fighting for the right to have it legal. It is only legal in two states in the U.S that is Massachusetts and Connecticut. Around the word it is legal in Nepal, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Norway and South Africa. In the U.S, same-sex marriage is a divisive political issue that has affected all the countries in the world for years. The social movement fight to have the rights and responsibilities of marriages in the United States for same-sex couples began in the early 1970s and became prominent in the politics of the 1990s (Becker, p112).

Same sex marriage is like any other marriage because it involves two human beings who have feelings for each other but it is not accepted even by God and therefore does the Christians.

The issue that people should look into about same marriage is that, everybody has a right in marriage and should be free to marry anybody they want because each individual's journey through life is unique since some people will make this journey alone while others may indulge in loving relationships. Loving relationships may be found in marriage or other forms of commitment. The States should therefore let individuals ponder upon their own choices and try to understand the choices of others, this is because love has many shapes and colors and is not finite and it can therefore not be measured or defined in terms of sexual orientation.

Same sex marriage does not violate the rights of individuals (Darren, p78). This is because, when two people decide to get married, they do it their own way and therefore do not affect a third party. Marriage is also a basic human right and a personal choice, the State should not interfere with the same couples who decide to marry to share full equality in the responsibilities, rights, and commitment of civil marriage and therefore if marriage means nothing, it means absolutely nothing to everybody as well as opposite-sex couples . When it means everything then things like hugs and kisses will show the same love expressed by the different sex marriages and thus love will have finally found a tiny crack which they shine, this issue is at the same time doubted from the view point of the bible.

Several people have their own unique way of life, others decide to be single while others would want to have a relationship with a partner of a different sex and yet still others will want to have a relationship with his same sex counterpart. Love is thought to be of various colors and shapes and only the sex orientation can always be its measure. Marriage stems from the love of people who want to enjoy their entire lives in their relationship and often consider an individual’s personal choice as a basic human right regardless of the sex orientation (Becker, p117).

Same sex marriage therefore is a phenomenon that the state ought not to interfere with because it’s a person’s decision to marry and with it share the responsibilities equally, their rights, commitment of marriage and responsibilities. (Jonathan, p32) asserts that quite a lot of countries and states are approving this issue of same sex marriage and in the continuing state the institution of marriage decline will be accelerate (Sean, p22).

Marriage has had a long history which has led to today’s same sex marriage. For example in the US, during the civil war, Africans and Americans were not allowed to marry but after the war the laws were removed and the American African marriage was allowed. The Mormon Church in the 19th century introduced polygamous marriage, which involves the marriage between one man and several wives (Lynn, p300). Later on the Church of Christ saints refused this marriage of more than two wives, though the Mormons even to date still practice this orientation. In the 20th century some states did not allow marriages between two different races but the US revised this law and allowed marriages of different races to take place. This was passed by the US Supreme Court and the decision became final.

Today so many countries have documented same sex marriage, though some other countries feel that it’s contrary to religious traditions, cultural backgrounds and parenting concerns. The Netherlands was the first country to embrace same sex marriage, making it an option to those who wanted it in 2001. This came after the government lifted the restriction of marriage not only to engage one man and woman or one man and several women but also to include two people of the same sex. Several countries since then followed the same trend, four countries namely Belgium, Canada, Spain and South Africa being swift to follow.

So many political orientations today have developed regulations which seek to allow same sex marriage .Couples who want to have a bisexual marriage can register and be granted the permission to do so in these countries. Some countries have gone an extra mile to give some benefits to those who register for such marriages for example in the UK, Switzerland and several states in the U.S. Due to the introduction of some state benefits especially in the US, many critics especially from the religious and social conservatives feel that marriage of the same sex is a major threat to the whole marriage concept (Becker, p56). Since marriage is evolving, things should be taken as they are, evolution should not be stopped just for the sake of it.

They have been several definition of same sex marriage. The church argue that same sex relationships are not marriages because it is contrary to the best interests of getting children since it deprives children of the right of having either a mother or a father. For instance, Catholics say that same sex marriage would erode religious freedoms and that it is contrary to God's will that it is unnatural and encourages unhealthy behavior. Same sex marriage harms the family structure and the society as a whole since it increase the dominance of homosexual behavior therefore individuals would act upon their homosexual urges and demands (Lynn, p380). Christians believe that such individuals should seek help to overcome the temptation toward the behavior since this opposite definition of marriage does not take care of anyone unequally because unmarried individuals are let free to marry any unrelated, unattached, consenting adult of the different sex. Others still argue that same sex relationships are fundamentally different from normal marriages and comparison with interracial marriage is unjustified.

The Catholics say that marriage is about more than the personal feelings of two people. They stress that feelings are important, but they are not what sustains a marriage because everybody knows that feelings normally change and also any marriage has ups and downs. They say that since a good marriage has more ups than downs, a bad one on the other hand will have more downs than ups and emotions change from one day to the next like sometimes the couples are very loving but sometimes they are very negative, therefore, they claim that for same sex partners to have such trends of feelings for each other, their marriage might fail (Lynn, p382).

Marriage involves personal feelings and it does not mean that it is merely a private issue. Whether it is successful or not, a marriage has an enormous impact on the pair that is the husband and the wife, their children, those around them including the entire society. As an institution therefore, marriage is a business of everyone in the society and it takes more than just emotion to hold it together.

Same-sex marriages should have equal rights like that of heterosexual married couples. The two parties should be given equal benefits and privileges. By being denied, just like unmarried partners, limits their right to enjoy the “civil rights domain” (Sean Robert, p32). Instead, they should also get access to healthcare, social security, inheritance of properties, immigration benefits among others. Any marriage should be taken as a civil right and entering into this institution should remain democratic whereby the adult parties make their own decisions and choices. Same-sex marriage should be a freedom which can be enjoyed by any citizen. This institution should be entered by any willing party. After all, the civil contract does not mention the living agreement, and observance. Same sex couples are not fighting for any religion to respect and acknowledge there marriage but their aim is to get government recognition and acknowledgement of their marriage.

Government can be criticized for limiting the same-sex couples’ access to their civil rights being its citizen. This may results into heterosexism, which is the bias, negative attitude, and discrimination in preference to opposite sex (Lennart, p34). It bring about the assumption that, only heterosexual is the only way to go in the society.

Health care is the other fundamental right that the same –sex marriages are denied in the USA. This is the right and privilege to access the health care services in the country by every citizen. Married partners should be allowed to access medical care and make critical decision on their life. Unfortunately, same-sex marriages are not allowed to fully enjoy their privileges and rights. They are not eligible for any medical care and Medicaid and are forced to pay taxes in order to get any health care coverage. Moreover they are not allowed to make any critical decision about the other partner in cases of life and death. Furthermore, they are allowed in rooms like the theater during a health crisis. This is all because their marriage is not recognized.

Taxes have also been a pertinent issue for the same–sex married citizens of the United State of America. In as much as married couples are allowed to fill their tax returns jointly, they cannot do that. Married people are therefore eligible to take advantages of the tax benefits that come in handy by submitting or filling them as couple like the exemption from paying some of the taxes or paying les of such taxes. This on the contrary is not enjoyed by the same sex marriages. Same-sex marriage partners also have problem transferring their personal property between themselves and attract adverse tax consequences when they attempt to make some legal transaction (Lennart, p 36).

During the time of death, same-sex couples have a problem and suffer series of problems ranging from being given leave for work to being allowed to take over the ownership of the properties. As is common among legally wedded couples, the husband or the wife is entitled to a bereavement leave from work. The same sex couples are however not allowed to file any wrong term claims nor allowed to access Social Security benefits of the deceased partner. They are also not allowed to inherit any properties that were personally owned by the deceased partner. Same-sex marriage partners do not enjoy the rights of organizing for any IRA distribution or any other retirement plan funds (Lynn, p278)

Immigration problems have also not spared the same-sex couples. These immigration rules do not recognize their marriage as a legal union nor does it allow them to get married legally in other legally recognized marriages. The main reason for this denial is the fact that any legal ability to do so for the reasons of U.S residency and issues of family unification. (Lynn, p280)

Insurance cover which is a necessity to every American citizens has not been be easily accessed by the same sex couple. They are not allowed to purchase joint homeowner’s insurance nor have auto insurance. If allowed to have these insurance cover, they are being forced to pay higher rates that the legally married do no have to pay. Often, these same sex marriage couples and their children are not allowed or are not legible to be covered under the family insurance plans that the government facilitates for its citizens.

In conclusion the issue of same sex marriage need to be addressed and not thrown under the carpet as has been hitherto. This is because if not addressed in time, it threatens to divide the society and gives a whole new meaning to human sexuality. This has been witnessed in the Anglican Church where the clergy had different stands on the matter resulting in split of the Church. Whichever perspective one takes, be it liberal, religious, moral or cultural, a compromise has to be reached on the matter as it has direct bearing to the family unit, and also avoid splits within the society. The media and Governments have to play their respective roles for this to be realized.

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