Racial profiling is a term that means the invidious practise by jurisprudence of social control officials of targeting people for intuition of wrongdoing grounded on the individuals’ racial background, religion and citizenship. Racial profiling occurs when a police officer decides to interview, investigate or apprehend an individual, because of racially motivated belief. People are proven to have committed offence without being presented to the courts for fair trial and are unjustly questioned by the law enforcement officer simply because of the colour of their skin or national origin. Criminal investigation, as practised by law enhancing officers, is the belief on major features they trust, and is linked with criminal activities. Racial profiling is an exercise that poses a great danger to the basics of community development. Racial profiling set aside a particular target group by their characteristics, mainly skin colour for investigation and law enforcement, and this form of action separates some communities. Police racism hinders community policing efforts and this makes the public to lose trust and credibility to the law enforcement officers.


The community relies on the police to protect them from criminal activities and to promote fairness and justice. The unworthy practice of racial profiling has led majority of people to live in fear and has created an environment posing everyone to be suspected. In major parts in the world, the racial profiling has brought discrimination to communities due to their ethnicity and skin colour. These acts has brought about destruction of individuals, families have been separated through inequitable detentions and expatriations.

Racial profiling argument relies on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, and race. Everyday somewhere in the United States, racist law enforcement takes place from the harassment and inhuman violence of police to the judge’s decision on who to be prosecuted and who to walk free. Police profiling has greatly affected the African-American and other people of different colour. In recent studies, it has been indicated that racism is not only in the law, but also it is much appreciated and essential part of capitalism. it is quite obvious that one section of the working class is side lined from the economic, social, and economical view point. The working class is kept solely apart instead of being united to fight the common enemy and racism (Siegel, 2008).

The venom of racism deliberately nurtured by the working class elite with their main aim keeping the division of working class separated, and keeping the interest of American issues side lined. The international community has suffered from the policy of divide and rule for a long time now, it has affected racial and national lines. As once, African- American Muslim Malcom X said there is no market economy without racial discrimination. Ruling class racism stirs fear among the minority to rise in power and unite with the White workers to address the issues econ-social impacts of racism. In general the standards of living and economic development is being set back by this racism evil.

In the modern setting, racism has become a part of the land law in many aspects. In United States, during the elections, voters are requested to present their identity cards with photo identification and this has resulted to the African-American to have lower turnouts to the polling stations. In schools where there was a mixture of White and African-American scholars, the chances that Africa- American would be suspended were three times higher than their White counterparts.

African-Americans are not the only victims affected by the policing profiling. Other communities around the world are victims, as well. The Muslims and Arabs, Blacks, and other minority groups exist as the most over used section of the community. It is clearly evident that they are the least paid employees receiving very low wage and humble jobs. Due to their desperation, the minority groups and Blacks remain to be the victims of racism. Blacks continue to endure the slayings and injustice in the hands of the government. From governmental individuals, such as the law enforcement officers, as well as they are constrained to live in oppression and extreme poverty conditions. Recently, African American man was gruesomely murdered in Texas. Being murdered behind a motortruck is a constant reminder of American racism. Laws conflicting with civil liberties are now being supported by republican and democratic politicians, which are constitutionally inconsistent (Orr & Mogren, 2009).

Intimidation and constant harassment is a part of daily life of a Black in the hands of the police. Police brutality is an everyday occurrence in the American states. Countless murders contacted by the police force majority of the victims being the Blacks. The majority of the people who face police brutality has committed no crime, but they fall victims because they are Blacks, Muslims or the Latinos. For instance, there was the case, which was reported that African-American citizen was murdered in cold blood as he returned home from his night job, he was surrounded by several fully armed police men and he was shot a several times in the chest in a claim that he threatened the police with a mere stick. In a similar case, in New York, a civilian who was unarmed was shot by the Deadly Street Crime Unit, pumping nineteen bullets into his body. Later, the police reported that they had clear instruction from the high-ups that they should kill any unarmed blacks. Millions of victims around the world continue to suffer from the police profiling.

It has been significant that the police officers’ decisions are biased when they shoot. A study carried out by university of Chicago unveiled that in pursuit of an armed suspect, the police would open fire more quickly to an African American and Latino suspect than the White suspect. The report reflected that the decision not to shoot to unarmed White man was more reasoned than when the suspect was African American. Taking down a suspect was more biased when a suspect was of African American because of belief that Black Americans are more violent and dangerous.

The furiousness that has developed in all racial minorities and Black Americans is that there are conditions to be met with defence reaction against police brutality and the legal structure. In the past, there have been progressive fears of the police among the Latino and African-American communities. The police force has been feared more than the criminals. The people depend on the police for protection, but in reverse they are being feared more, because they can get away easily with murder. The police force do not act alone, they are parts of a great system that supports the racism, and which form part of economic and political supremacy. The police brutality come from the high ranks in the government that has already given them to go ahead to indulge in all sorts of havoc in the name of curbing crime (White, 2010).

Half of the African American and Latinos who are serving their jail sentences in United States account to large number of the death rows and executions conducted by the state councils and majority of them have been framed by the police. In the mid 70’s a revolutionary group of blacks was targeted by the police force, raids, and brutal beatings. Several revolutionists were arrested and this resulted to shoot-outs in the revolutionary group headquarters. Some members of the revolutionary group were aligned in court and they were charged with murder of third degree, multiple attempts and counts of murder, conspiracy and aggravated battering and they were sentenced to jail terms ranging from thirty to hundred years imprisonment.

Recently, back in 2000 in Florida, the claims of racial profiling were rampant. The assumption that the Black Americans wanted to vote for the democrats provided the election controlled apparatus to easily identify the democrats’ supporters. The Florida state changed the election expected results by targeting the African American in a way that it was provocative by indulging in racial poll assess and checking the educational levels of the Blacks. Florida’s secretary ordered the removal of all names of people with past criminal records or charges from the voter rolls. Thousands of the African American was affected. The situation got serious after the Black Americans reported that they were harassed by the state police officials at the voting centres and the traffic check points where they were requested to produce a driving license and inspecting vehicles. The police officers used this form of method to delay the voters (Regoli et al., 2009).

In the tourism and travel industry, racism is much felt by the African American, black airline passengers for a long time have been complaining about racial discrimination at the airport now. The complaint was that customs officials have been targeting them for the suspicion that they may be transporting drugs and firearms. For a long time now, African American has been targeted for suspicion of stealing from malls and supermarkets by security guards. Multiple store chains and supermarkets have faced multiple law suits of racial profiling, majority of whom are African American pressing the charges of forceful arrest and harassments. An analysis conducted on one of the chain stores shows that 88 percent of claims were of false arrest, and the cases were from African American community, which constitutes 16 percent of the shoppers.

"Gang" Database Racial Profiling in Orange County California is a database containing the names and photographs of reputed gang members appeared to racially profile. Three: Latinos, Asians, and African Americans were more than 90 percent of the 20,221 men and women in the Gang Reporting Evaluation and Tracking system, but made up less than half of Orange County's population. The disparity attracted the notice of the California Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights as well as the ACLU. The county district attorney's office was asked to establish a civilian oversight board with the goal to monitor some obvious problems with the list.


In conclusion, thousands of African American, Muslims, Latinos, and other minority group have undergone false imprisonment. Many of them have done innocently on cold blood shoot out of the police. The families have been separated due to police profiling, husbands’ and wives, and kids have lost their family members due to racism, economic, and political arena has been dominated by unscrupulous leaders. The destructive force of racism has been felt by many people, and it has affected many citizens of different walks of life form the negative attitudes of the police. Skin colour, religion, nationality do not make us hate each other. This is not the society of anger, hate, and chaos, where man eats man.

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