Culture of any country is individual and contains a lot of aspects that affect the level of nation. It is known that it consists of the level of education, availability of character, competence and skills. Culture is the human activity, which appears in self-expression and self-discovery. It is also divided into two classes: individualism and collectivism. The level of different cultures depends on communication as well as the development and stability of the language. It is also essential for a country to have a high power distance, in which nation does not doubt in its leader. The measuring of the culture hangs on the stress of the society and upbringing. Masculinity or femininity are being treated in each country in a differentl manner. Monochronic and polychronic, which mean cultural differences, cultures in varied countries depend on many aspects. Uncertainly avoidance deals with a society’s toleration for indeterminacy and ambiguity. Moreover, codes constitute diverse principles, of which the communication of each country consists. Therefore, the mentality of a nation weighs with the culture of the country.

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Cultures of different countries are characteristically divided in two classes: individualism and collectivism. Individualist cultures, such as Ireland, underline the individual attainment on account of group of purposes in terms of a powerful meaning of rivalry. Collectivist cultures, such as China, underline family and working group purposes above personal needs or wishes. In China, collectivism has a long heritage based on Confucianism, where being a public man is appreciated. As for Ireland, in the business world, staff is anticipated to be self-assured and take initiative.

In the high context culture, a lot of things are unsaid, allowing the culture to be explicated. Words and diction are very essential in a higher context communication. Chinese people can communicate a complex message very efficiently with a few words.  As for the low context culture, in this sense, the communicator has to be much more obvious. and the significance of one word is less substantial. Culture of Ireland belongs to the low context cultures. First of all, this is explained by the location of the country, because the high context culture is more inherent to the Asian countries than European.

Power distance is a method to account for the processing of diversity between groups existing in a device imparity. It represents a culture’s relation to the direction of human imparity, which determines itself inside institutions by means of a manager subduing to the treatment. Ireland is a country with a low power distance. The Irish are a nation, where imparity should be minimized. Hierarchy is created for convenience, authority is always available, and managers bank on individual personnel. Withal, communication is plain and informal. As for China, it is a society that takes stock in that disparity among people, which is reasonable. In general, individuals are under the influence of the official power and sanctions, while being hopeful regarding the people’s ability to be initiative leaders.

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Masculinity dominates imperious relations, oriented towards the concrete result. Masculine conciseness is related in its meaning to the independency, self-containment, division and power, following from hierarchical authority. Femininity is always preoccupied the interindividual relations, while being process-oriented. Feminine conciseness embraces a placement priority in terms of its connection with others. In Ireland, masculinity dominates. This means that society is stipulated by the spirit of competition, accomplishment and prosperity. The conducts in school, work are founded on the common weight that people try to be the best. The Irish are proud of advances and progresses in life. China is also a masculine society. A Chinese worker leaves his family outfield to get a better work and have the possibility to pay the bills in the city. Another instance is that a student worrying about his examination, because it is the main criterion to succeed in any sphere.

Monochronic cultures mean that things are done single at a time, it is divided by exact and small divisions. Ireland is monochronic country. It values the potency of organizations, which makes them highly reasoned in general in terms of creating and supporting profitableness of business and making wealth. Polychronic culture means that several things can be done right away. Chinese culture sees the world in terms of an individual practice and connection. Chinese people live to enjoy the life and environment, but not to earn money. Thereby, the interindividual relationship is more significant than schedules.

Uncertainly avoidance deals with a society’s tolerance for doubtfulness and equivocality; it is predominantly related to a man’s searching for the verity. Ireland has a low mark of uncertainly avoidance. Ideas are sufficient, being originative is valued. Irish business covers creation, while always searching new ways to solve problems. China also has a low mark of uncertainly avoidance. Nevertheless, compliance with laws and rules can be versatile in terms of the real situation, and pragmatism is a fact of life. The Chinese are convenient with equivocation; the Chinese language is complete of ambiguous value that may be hard for the Western people to abide.

Communication code is a set of agreements or sub-codes that are used for associating a certain sense to the interaction. There is a considerable diversity in the usage of language. Thus, the Chinese people, unlike those of western cultures, for instance, the Irish, are quite engaged in long-time relations. Therefore, during their first meeting, they pay attention to analyzing whether their collocutor is dignified.

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In conclusion, the culture of the Western part of the world, namely Ireland, definitely differs from the culture of the Eastern part, represented by China. Firstly, Ireland is an individualist culture with the low context, low power distance, in which masculinity dominates. Secondly, this country is a monochronic culture, which has low mark of uncertainly avoidance. Whereas China is a country with a collectivist culture that has a high context, high power distance, and in which masculinity dominates. It is polychronicculture, which has low mark of uncertainly avoidance. With respect to communication codes, these two countries have a striking difference.

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