Leadership is the process of social influence where an individual acquires the aid and support of others in the attainment of common objectives. Northouse (2009, 25) asserts that it is an essential process in the achievement of the set goals because it determines the reactions of other organizational members. It is vital to study the process of leadership due to the numerous benefits it presents to individuals. This has led to introduction of the topic in many academic curricular hence building leaders from an earlier age.

This essay explicates the benefits arising from the study of leadership and effective association with organizational members.

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Studying leadership enables CEOs analyze various problems facing the organization critically. Leadership is a key aspect that enables managers and CEOs accept the exposure of the company to various problems. It inculcates prudence among CEOs hence enabling them realize the numerous problems that need to be solved urgently. This facilitates the accommodation of the problems and eventual critical analysis of the key problems affecting the company.  According to Klenke (2008, 150), critical analysis of the various problems enables them to put in place effective measures that would minimize the escalation of the problems in order to minimize their impact on the organization. This ensures there is continuity in the operations of the organization because the problems are minimized while others are eliminated.

The study enables one to understand the personalities of different individuals hence facilitating simplified dealings. A CEO is able to understand the various characteristics of individuals in the organization hence determining on the best means of working with them. The study of leadership enables the CEO to understand that individuals have different capacities and personalities. This promotes effective collaboration when working with different organizational individuals. Understanding other people is vital because it facilitates improved working conditions and proper allocation of duties in the achievement of the set objectives (Koestenbaum, 2002).

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It enables one to develop self-confidence in tackling various organizational issues. Confidence is a key aspect in the management of individuals. The study of leadership is significant as it enables CEOs develop self-confidence in their personalities and their decisions. This means that they are better placed to assert the direction that the organization is taking in the achievement of its objectives.  Wart (2011) reports that confidence would also lead to the formulation of sound decisions due to the confidence gained. This would take the organization to the highest level of performance and survival.

The study of leadership enables a CEO and other leaders to identify their weaknesses and their strengths. Identification of strengths is vital because it leads to efficient utilization of the existing opportunities (Mansfield & University, 2007). This means that by studying leadership, a CEO would be able to maximize on his potential and ensure that the organization is performing at its best levels. Weaknesses would also be identified from the study. This promotes admissibility of the weaknesses hence providing an opportunity for improvements and proper dealings with other members of the organization.

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In conclusion, leadership is the process of social influence on other organizational members. Organizations would only be successful in cases where there is the existence of proper and genuine leadership. Leadership could be taught in various institutions hence boosting its applicability in various sectors. The benefits of studying leadership include development of self-confidence. This promotes the making of sound decisions. CEOs benefit as they identify their weaknesses and strengths hence leading the organization according to the required standards. Through the study, CEOs are able to understand the personalities of various individuals hence developing methods of dealing with organizational members.

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