Diversity is a variety in not only experiences but also perspective arising from differences in race, culture, mental, religion and physical abilities. Differences in identity in gender and sexual orientations also fall as diversity. Diversity is any other human quality that is different from ours. Understanding how diversity can affect management, performance, and success is an important aspect in the current era. The marketplace has become global making the current workplaces more diverse than ever. Workplaces are diverse in terms of sex, race, age, sexual orientation, and religions. It is as common to find a workplace having both men and women just as it is to find a workplace with diverse races. According to R. Rouserrvelt, diversity spreads throughout any organization. As a manager, you will manage people who are either married or single, people with children or those without and people from different parts and cultures in the world.

According to the U.S Department of Labor, five out of every six new employees in the United States of America are women, African American, Hispanic, or an immigrant. By the year 2010, the women labor force in the U.S had surpassed 10 million, with an annual growth rate of over one third that of men. The task managers have is improving their ability to make their workplaces more comfortable for the different employees coming from places different in cultures, religions, and social constructions. A good manager should, therefore, have certain qualities that will enable them effectively manage their workplaces more comfortable for everyone.

A good manager should personally have good attributes towards diversity. He should spend some time to try to know every of his employee. This is the only way a manager will get to understand the differences in their employee performance since different employees come from a diversity of cultures. The manager should also respect and recognize that people have different talents, skills, and abilities. The manager should give a positive feedback to every of his employees and give them the respect they deserve at no cost despite their differences. For example, going too racial on some employee would make them feel discriminated and greatly affect their performance in the institution.

The manager should also provide their employees equal opportunities for development without discriminating. Discrimination in a workplace has a great effect on the workplace performance since with the current high diversity any form of bias would sound discriminating to the employees reducing their trust in the manager. The manager should also ensure the employees attend institutions activities including social. He should also ensure every of his employees are free to share ideas in the institutions' meetings failure of which he should encourage the employees to do so by creating a friendly working environment. Friendly work environments make it possible for employees to share and intermingle without discriminating on each other on basses of races, gender, or even sexual orientation.

Good managers should also be aware of the climate and culture in their group and workplaces. This entails how much the employees feel respected by their co-workers. Workplaces were employees do not feel respected by their co-employees have certain easily notable characteristics. There will definitely be little interactions among people with different cultures, religions, and social background. This is one of a clear indication of a workplace influenced negatively by diversity. Conflicts and tension between people of different races, ethnicities, abilities, and ages is also a workplace that has is a victim of discrimination of people from different diversities.

Insensitive alterations and interactions between employees, for example, racial jokes, sexual orientation jokes or mimicking someone’s accent are things a good manager should look out for since these are indicators of discrimination in the workplace. Individuals isolating themselves from the groups are an indicator of the individual facing diversity. The manager should try to interact with the individual or groups in isolation and find out what is their point of isolating themselves with the rest. Lack of passing suggestions or taking part in team discussions entailing members from a particular group is also an indicator of an employee suffering from diversity a thing the manager should be on the lookout for and try to eradicate. Gossips and whispers with negative information of other employees also cause the feel of discrimination among employees. This affects the performance of the workplace negatively.

The manager should set up a human recourse department that deals with employees making direct threats to their fellow employees. Discriminative direct threats basing on gender, race, sexual orientation and other forms of discriminations should face punishment. An employee exhibiting discriminative, intimidate or aggressive behavior kept from the rest. This is because they can affect the other employees psychologically hence reducing their performance. The manager should ensure employees displaying racism or discriminating others in terms of gender and sexual orientation face punishment. Actually discrimination in a workplace does not only base on the sexual orientation, gender and racism, its spreads far to discriminations based on the size i.e. either fat or slim, the physical appearance, the accent, the complexion and even the marital status of other employees.

A good manager should also be able to support diversity in their actions, interactions, and words. The manager should make sure he is fair and does not discriminate on his employees in any form. He should introduce the employees to co-workers and the whole or institution to make them more comfortable in the environment. Introducing a new employee to the workplace and the workmates makes it possible for them to interact with the new workmates. A new employee will easily suffer from diversity on failure of introduction to his or her new workmates. The manager should also ensure that each of the employees is aware of the organization and is wholly part of it. Decisions attained after suggestions from the diverse employees are crucial. The manager should also let the employees advance their ideas, as this will make them feel valued. The manager should restrain from restricting anyone’s ideas from implementation basing on difference in diversity. Fair communication to all the employees in time is also a factor determining good managing skills. The manager should be able to share information with each and every of his employees with no discrimination. A good manager is a manager who is an advocate for and supports all the employees. He should be able to do anything to help every of his employee without basing on any affiliations. The manager should however not offer help to the employees or deliberately set environments in which certain employees feel discriminated.

Experts in management o employees have put forward straightforward point on a manager handling diversity. A good manager should acknowledge differences. He should be able to accept the fact that people are different and we all come from different cultures all over the world. A good manager should also be an advocate for diversity. He should set a working environment for people from different places and different in sex, race and gender. He should restrain from punishing the minority, he should seek, and put in place different climates at the workplace, recommend his human resource department allow employees to volunteer for campus recruits at high schools, colleges, and other training institutions to enable interactions among employees.

Managing every individual’s unique talents and strengths is crucial. These are two assumptions of the world’s best managers. The manager should also be able to pay attention and respect peoples values and beliefs. He should let the employees attend to their religious beliefs and norms as long as it does no harm or interferes with any of the other employees. He should allow his employees to observe days that they consider holly. The manager should avoid generalizing communications to a specific group of people. He should also avoid making discriminative utterances at a specific group of people, as this will end up making certain employees feel discriminated and hence loose trust in him.

The manager should be aware of the employees’ weaknesses and defects and restrain other employees from using the weaknesses of the employee to discriminate him. The manager should also provide opportunities for learning and mentoring. The best way a manager will build and maintain a diverse force for supporting people in the workplace is by encouraging employees to work to their potential. He should provide good opportunities for the employee to learn and developed. This is by training and educating the employees on the diversity they face. Training on how to avoid discriminating fellow employees is as important. The manager can also create situations where employees can meet and share with other employees having similar goals and interests. The manager should also be sure that employees are aware of the learning opportunities set in place by the organization. A good manager should also encourage and support networking programs and opportunities in the workplace. Management of a workplace is therefore as hard as anyone can imagine because of the current high levels of diversity our world faces.

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