Pros and Cons of Literature Sources

The library

It has many advantages. It is a primary source of data. It is a noise free area for studying. The library is a motivating environment as there are many focused people, and it contains a lot of materials. Its disadvantages include the fact that the library is not accessible in the evenings, during public holidays and during weekends. It is also rigid and immobile and very time consuming (Brown, 1997).


The online library

The online library is advantageous as it has immediate accessibility. It is also portable, hence more convenient that the library. However, the online library also contains changed articles and incorrectly copied information. Some materials may also be very costly to download (Mastroddi, 1997).


Their advantages include the fact that journals are portable and easy to use. Additionally, they are relatively permanent. However journals are costly to purchase, difficult to store and have a long delay from submission to publication. As a secondary source of data, they are subject to author’s bias.

The world-wide-web

The internet is the most convenient source of data for literature and almost all other disciplines. It is also accessible from all parts of the universe at any time of day or night. However, its cons include lack of reliability. It is also subject to false or biased information especially in the social media where there are opinions rather than facts (Brown, 1997).

Primary sources of data refer to original book or article created by a group or an individual while secondary sources are written about the primary sources (Mastroddi, 1997). Primary sources are more reliable because they have not been subjected to any secondary opinions. Therefore, they are more objective. For my review I would use interview resource person and/or use their original journals or diaries.