The Bill of rights is a particularly crucial constituent of the Constitution. It provides protection of people’s rights and guarantees freedom of actions. The Bill makes it illegal for anyone to interfere in the rights of other people as long as that person does not contravene rules and regulations. However, times have changed. It is quite disturbing to find that people are still against gay rights. There is a lot of hypocrisy in the modern society. It denies human beings’ rights while still fighting for the rights of animals.

Homosexuality can be traced back to the ancient times of around 5000 BC. The society needs to know that gay people will be there forever, and they should adjust to that fact. Gay people have a long history of rejection by people or stigmatization in the society. Some countries, even at this day humiliate gay people or even try to send them to jail for publicly declaring that they are gay.

I support that gay people should be entitled to their rights. Rights are fundamental principles entitled to human beings because of the mere fact that they are human. Gays are human beings just like any of us. These people have blood. They care, get hurt, love and should be entitled to equal rights. Such rights include the freedom of speech, movement, expression, right to get married, have a family and so forth. The society has come a long way in the fight for people’s rights and equality. After the fighting against colonialism, slavery, despotism, it would be a shame to deny gay people’s rights.

Gay people are part of the society. It is proper nowadays to deny criminals’ rights, for instance, than the rights of sexual minority. The act of the government, which denies gays’ rights, does not view them in a different way than that of the criminals. The society considers them inferior. This is extremely wrong because they are normal people who contribute to national building activities. The legislature has amended laws for the sake of sexes, gender, races, and equal rights. An acute question of nowadays is why not to allow gay people to live in peace without people submitting them to ridicule. The funny thing is that gay people do not want anything else, but acceptance which is so easy to do.

Human beings have the right to choose what they want to do, how and with whom. We all have the freedom of choice. If a person chooses to be a gay, there should not be the crucial deal about it. We live in a messed up society where all kinds of atrocities take place. People murder, have multiple partners and steal, why would we hate a person who chose to love a person of the same sex. Back to the issue of choice, people should choose what they like. For instance, I like a certain thing that gives me the satisfaction I need. Straight people date persons of the opposite sex because that is their choice, and they fill fulfilled with these people. It is extremely selfish to deny other people’s sources of happiness.

The Christian faith treats gay people with suspicion. It states that homosexuality is wrong before God and, therefore, should not be practiced. Christians support the idea of the law failing to recognize gays. Many people do not support this argument, regarding the fact that there are various religions in the society, and some people do not believe that God even exists. There are a lot of reasons that became premises of the ambiguous treatment of gays, even the economic system itself. Capitalism has created the world full of cruelty. The whole point of Christians being against gay people is prejudice. Teachings from the Bible show that Jesus associated with sinners. Christian brothers and sisters need to analyze the sense of that statement.

People denying the rights of sexual minority have stated that being gay is unnatural. The problem concerns the real interpretation of the notions “natural and not natural things”. Nobody has the answer. The fact that heterosexual relationships have been the traditional and conventional way does not make it the natural way, at least not for everybody. Homophobic people argue that it is not natural because they cannot procreate. If something is unnatural, it will not certainly mean that it is wrong. Many unnatural things happen in lives; however we do not complain because they are not wrong.

Some societies have at least accepted that gay people exist, however they still have laws against gay marriage. A marriage should be a union between two consenting people, who are in love and have agreed to legalize their union. Most people define marriage as for people who love each other. Denying gay people to marry is the same as denying a person with traditional sexual orientation to get married too. Gay people look for the same benefits as other people look for being married. They look for love and care. Besides, people cannot judge each other by their sexuality. We should allow them their freedom.

Normally heterosexual people, who cannot bear children, adopt them. Gay people can do the same. If one wants a child, he or she must know how to raise that child. Some parents leave children alone in the streets. There is no reason to hinder capable adults to bring up children. Gay parents may offer better care than an ordinary parent. Single parenthood is on the rise, yet people are not against it. If a child can be brought up by just one parent, why not be brought up by two parents even if they are of the same gender. Homosexuality is not a mental disorder; these are two capable people who can raise a child well.

I agree that gay relationship is against the tradition; modern society has been more of a patriarchal one. That is why people view it as a deviation from the social norms. However, if that deviation causes no harm, then there will be no problem. The society’s traditions have been eroding constantly. Technology is changing, and people are becoming more liberal. Times are changing, in the olden days,` the tradition was that women had no rights and should serve men, but that is not the case now. Deviations from traditions sometimes can be a blessing in disguise, imagine if people had not fought for their independence, exactly which the gay people are doing nowadays.

What is not moral is attacking and hating gay people because of their sexuality. The society has depended on Christianity and the moral department; they dictate what is right or wrong. Christians are the biggest opponents of gay rights, and that is why many people in the society think that being gay is morally wrong. Stealing, gossiping, killing etc is morally wrong but being gay hurts nobody, so it is not wrong.

In conclusion, being gay should be treated with respect because that is just sexual orientation. Gay people are just like other people in the society. They need to be respected and given a say. They ought to take part in decision making like any other citizens. We should not discriminate against them just because of their sexual orientation. Everyone has a right of association. If one feels being gay gives them happiness, then nobody should stop them in this quest. Gay people pay taxes. In addition, just like other people, they work, and some of them are even in the Congress. The civil society, nongovernmental organizations are also full of gay people. In this regard, they should be given a chance in the society. Their voice should be heard. Society needs to accept the reality that gay people exist, and they need to accept them. This way, the society will show regard for the rule of law. It is the law that recognizes the existence of rights for every citizen. Gays should be allowed to do their things freely without interference.

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