Many of Today’s Drivers have Dangerous Habits

In the recent years, the number of accidents on our roads has increased substantially. Every day, the media report occurrence of accidents on various roads within our country. The sad part of all this is that many of these accidents are fatal. Many lives are lost while others suffer severe injuries on daily basis, due to the dangerous habits of many of today’s drivers.

Nowadays, the number of drivers reported to be driving while drunk has increased. Unlike in the past, alcohol consumption among adults has increased, probably because of its association with leisure. Recently, a man and his three friends were found dead in the early morning hours. The vehicle, which they were travelling in had rolled severally on the ground and rested on a rock near a riverbed. News about the accident spread quickly in the neighbourhood. Soon people gathered at the accident scene. A man who identified himself as a local bar owner, said that the individuals involved in the accident were spotted in his bar the previous night. The bar owner said that he requested them to leave the bar after discovering that they had drunk excessively. He added that he requested, that  he would call a cab on their behalf, but they rudely said that they were adults and they knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, they did not drive for a long distance before they got involved in an accident and they all lost their lives.       


Since the introduction of mobile phones, the number of accidents on our roads has also increased. Individuals ignore the fact that one cannot serve two masters at the same time. Early last year, a young man was driving his newly acquired Toyota Rav 4 on his way back home. He was excited about his car and he decided to call his best friend and inform him about his new car. They talked over the phone for a long period of time that the young man did not notice that he was approaching a highway. He did not slow down, as it is the norm, and he entered the highway without confirming whether it was clear or not. Unfortunately, there was a high-speeding truck on the highway. The young man drove his car straight in the highway and entered beneath the body of the truck. Luckily, the driver of the truck was able to stop immediately and the rear wheels of the truck did not crush the young man’s vehicle. He survived, but with spinal injury, which rendered him bed-ridden for the rest of his life.

Over speeding is also another of the dangerous habits of the today’s drivers. Recently, an accident was reported in one of the local television channels, which involved multiple vehicles. One of the vehicles on the road during the time of accident was said to have encountered a mechanical problem, when the brake pads became loss. The driver of the vehicle was unable to slow down, as he neared the vehicle, which was ahead of him. He eventually slammed at the back of that vehicle. Since the other drivers of the vehicles behind his vehicle were over speeding, they were unable to take immediate control of their vehicles and almost ten vehicles slammed on each other. Six people lost their lives, while others suffered severe injuries. Were the drivers of other vehicles not over speeding, the accident would have only involved two vehicles; hence, many deaths and injuries would not have occurred.

Many of today’s drivers are engaging in dangerous habits. Some of these habits include drunken driving, over speeding, and talking over the phone while driving. Due to their dangerous habits, many lives have been lost, while others have been rendered physically disabled.