A Time When I Disappointed Myself

Since time immemorial, I have always been a brave person. I have encountered difficult and challenging situations, but I have always managed to handle them. When I was in high school, my teachers always chose me to participate in debates because I had always demonstrated that I could face a big audience without fear. I always believed that I had the courage to face anything in life, however, one incident made me realize that I do not have the courage to face some situations as I previously thought.


One evening, I was taking a leisure walk down the road in my neighbourhood. The road was quite busy because many people were heading home from work. From a distance, I saw two young boys playing with a ball at the roadside. I continued walking until when I was about to approach them when one of the boys kicked the ball towards the other side of the road. The other boy went after the ball without watching the oncoming traffic. The drivers of the vehicles on both sides of the road hooted at the boy repeatedly. I wanted to run towards the boy in order to rescue him but I feared because the vehicles on both sides were too near. In fact, I tried to lift my legs so that I could run towards the boy but I was absolutely unable to.

Luckily, the driver of the vehicle approaching from the right side of the road was able to switch to the left lane and avoided hitting the boy. The driver of the vehicle on the left lane directed his vehicle to the roadside to avoid colliding with the other vehicle. By this time, the boy was already on the other side of the road and escaped the accident. This incident made me feel disappointed with myself since I always thought I was courageous enough even to run after a person on the road and save him/her from being hit by a vehicle. Although the boy escaped the accident, I was rather disappointed with myself. Had not the drivers of the vehicles from both directions acted tactfully, an accident would have occurred right in front of me. I realized that I did not have the courage to face risky situations as I previously thought.