To increase the profits of the company, it is essential to incorporate technological advancement that allows for communication in the data base. This will help the company to relate with clients in the bst way possible. It will also help the business to relate with suppliers and other stake holders. Communication is one sure way of ensuring sustainability in a company since it enables interaction between a person and another.

Increase in net profits is also possible through increased management of information through data bases. Records kept in data bases help the company during decision making. Some of these decisions affect the company directly. It is therefore crucial that the decisions be made promptly so that this does not affect performance of the company.

In addition, data base management bring about proper keeping of records. This in turn influences future decisions since reference can be made. Making of references is crucial for purposes of drawing clear goals. Reference made on past data also enables the company so as to bring about a difference. At the same time, making reference helps to compare between various data.

The resort may also be modernized by introducing data bases for staff, customers and inventory. Each of these factors needs to be considered so as to bring change to the company. Management of staff is essential. It also helps to ensure that workers to their work as expected. Instances of absenteeism can also be easily managed through the application of the data base.  Management of customers helps to bring about feed back to the company. Through the data bases, the resort is able to keep in touch with customers and as such, can get feedback any time they wish to.


Database management is crucial for an organization. Its importance in the management of staff, clients, inventory and suppliers cannot be over emphasized.

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