People have varied views on the benefits of country life and city life. Both city and country life have both their negative and positive aspects. What is deemed to be negative or positive is sometimes an issue of personal opinion since different people have different aspirations. While city life has quite some advantages over country life, country life has more positive aspects and benefits as compared to city life (Torrey, 2003).

One of the fundamental aspects of country life is the low population. Since the country has a relatively low population as compared to the city, it is easier to get a job in the country side as opposed to the city. The instance of obtaining jobs in the countryside is enhanced by the greater availability of land which people cheap entrepreneurial opportunities (Parillo & Macionis, 2009). City life offers people jobs in companies or government offices in which they have no control over their work since they are supervised.

Country life offers people better peace of mind as opposed to city life. City life is imbued with a sense of urgency and chaos that is evident in the daily rush hours. People in the country on the other hand have more peace and quiet since they do not have to deal with huge numbers of people and traffic jams due to the lesser numbers of people in the country side (Heiney, 2008). Issues such as rents and crime rates are lesser in the country as compared to the city residents.

Country life is also better in that people in the country are healthier than people living in the city. The air in the city is less contaminated than that of the city. Other amenities such as water and sewerage are also used by lesser people and hence they are more efficient and cleaner. Country life also offers people more healthy food at cheaper prices. People in the city have to purchase expensive food which in most instances is not fresh (Torrey, 2003).

Country life is therefore better than city life since there are a lot of benefits as compared to city life. Country life offers better benefits on the terms of better quality of life in terms of better health, better peace of mind, and ease of finding jobs. Country life therefore better than city life for the many positive aspects it offers.

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