Andrei Rublev movie is considered an artistic movie that runs about an artist and is considered cinematic. It is a traditional narrative that takes place around Rublev’s life. Though he takes a backseat in most of the actions in the movie, but through the use of art, he brings out the struggles of faith Russia. It is a demanding and complex narrative that is documented from a safe distance by the artist. It has been symbolically used to bring out soulful and harmony expression. The rich fiction created in the film raises many questions about the soul, life, and art. Throughout the film, earth-shattering expressions are perceived on the character’s faces to symbolize the oppression of poverty, war, and inequality. The movie is considered to be a modern art featuring Christianity that does not belittles the faithful. It is majorly about the struggles between mankind’s carnal and spiritual natures.

Fando and Lis movie depicts an experience between two lovers in a city that is considered to be dead. The city is considered to be derelict and filled with drag queens, mad priests, and decomposing corpses of people. Bodies writhe in mud has been symbolically used to depict the struggles that people were undergoing through before establishing themselves. The jarring sounds, for example the buzzing flies to convey the rotting corpses, in the movie is used to amplify the sense of the menace in the society. Idolization and use of predatory packs of people shows the expectations and miracles that people expected to be enlightened or fulfilled. The primary instincts of the movie are shown by the compelling experience of; sensory assault, sardonic bursts of joviality, and the savage of violence. The main uses of these artistic features are to portray the supreme disrespect by the political and religious leaders.

Both films, though in black and white, uses artistic features that are long to beautifully craft the opening scenes which are symbolically meant to depict the notion of downfalls and to bring out the painting that is perceived to exist. Like for instance, Andrei Rublev movie which is artistic, uses images, dazzling features and set pieces such as the pagans river, and the dazzling balloon to bring out the fall of man. In both movies also, the male characters are artificially portrayed as weak characters. For instance, Rublev  tries to ‘help’ her wife in an academic and uninspired way possible, while Fando on the other hand, is feminized by drag queens, screwed up, insecure, and humiliated by cocktail ladies.

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