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When we write an essay for you, we give you free pages such as a Bibliography, Outline and other pages. By the way, other writing companies tend to charge for these pages, but we give them to our customers as a courtesy. There are also many other benefits to hiring to write an essay for you. First, we guarantee the work that we do. Namely, we assure that every single word, a sentence and paragraph will not be plagiarized. Secondly, we guarantee that all words will be spelled correctly, that the formatting will be correctly written, that the overall structure of the essay will be written according to the standards of English set forth in any university's writing style guide. Then we guarantee never to return a paper past its deadline, and to exercise professionalism at all times. Ultimately, we guarantee to carefully protect the privacy of each of our customers and to never sell their financial or personal data to third party marketing companies. Our list of guarantees is extensive and thorough, because it is written with the protection of our customers in mind. To find a complete list of our guarantees, please check with our customer service department or on our website.

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