There are numerous service providers in the marketplace claiming to have the experience, skills and know how to deliver exceptional written work. Many of these service providers also claim their writers are the most highly-skilled and proficient you will find. It is more difficult to determine, though, when such declarations are true or not. It is worth remembering that each time you select a writing company, you are effectively influencing how good or bad your grades will be. Perhaps we don’t need to outline the dangers and risks you are exposing yourself to by choosing a dishonest service provider. However, you will experience no such risks with Our track record in providing academic writing assistance is well-proven and well-founded. In choosing us, you will always know what to expect for your investment. The following table describes how we work and how other service providers work: Other Service Providers
1 We are a bona fide business with the primary objective of providing our global clients with high-quality, originally-written work. In addition to top quality, we also offer a money-back guarantee. 1 A dishonest service provider is one that claims to be based in the UK or USA but, in fact, is not based anywhere. This means you will receive no guarantees on quality or originality.
2 The papers we provide are entirely original. We don’t tolerate plagiarism. Your tutor will never accuse you of submitting a non-original paper when you order from us. 2 A dishonest company is likely to provide papers that are laden with plagiarism and have been sold to countless other students. This can have legal implications for you and may affect your academic prospects.
3 The papers we provide are 100% custom-made, meaning each paper you receive is freshly written from start to end in accordance with your instructions. 3 A dishonest company is one that often offers pre-written papers for sale and ones that have previously been sold to numerous other customers. A tutor will have no difficulty detecting plagiarism in such papers.
4 Our pricing system is transparent with no hidden costs, so you always know how much the total cost of your order will be before making payment. 4 Many dishonest companies operate an obscure and complex pricing system with hidden costs. Hence, when you come to place your order, you find it is double the price you anticipated.
5 We only employ the most highly-qualified, native English-speaking professionals. We look for a Master’s degree at minimum and extensive experience in the relevant field. 5 Many dishonest service providers employ writers with limited knowledge of the English language. Such employees are often not well enough educated and only capable of producing low-grade papers.
6 Our customer support service is mature and very reliable. Our agents are available 24×7 and can be contacted anytime by email, telephone or live chat facility to answer your queries. 6 Most dishonest companies won’t offer you a customer support service or allow you contact with your writer. As a result, you never have any means of getting in touch with anyone or finding out how your order is progressing.
7 When you order from us, you can send messages to your writer when you need to and they will always respond promptly. 7 Dishonest service providers don’t facilitate direct contact between you and your writer. You will first have to contact a support agent, making it difficult to get accurate or necessary information to your writer, so you won’t know whether they have received or understood your requirements.
8 Because we only employ educated writers with a Master’s degree at least, they are suitably qualified and sufficiently experienced in their subject to provide you with professional assistance. 8 Dishonest companies often miss deadlines. Hence, you can never be certain your paper will arrive in time.

We only make promises and claims we can support. We don’t profess to be the cheapest service provider you will find. We understand that good quality doesn’t come cheap. It is important we reward our writers with good remuneration and benefits so that they will produce top quality results. All the work we deliver is freshly written from start to end in line with your instructions. Hence, when you want a grade-winning paper, think about whether it is worth risking your final grade for the sake of a dollar or two. Only the most highly-qualified writers work for, professionals who have made a career from their passion for writing. We strive to strike the right balance between high-quality and affordability. We know that every paper we provide you with is the best you will find anywhere!

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