The Best Affiliate Program

The affiliate program implemented by our company provides equal opportunities to all our customers who want to earn money by just recommending or promoting all the services that we have been offering to either their classmates, roommates, group mates, close friends, or relatives.

Affiliate Program for Students – Incredible Benefits

In order to get bonus points, our customers have to indicate as many their friends’ emails as only possible in the window – Your friend’s e-mails. Then our customer’s affiliate link and a brief presentation of our company and services will be sent to their friends from our website. Please take into account that this code should be employed as your future discount code in the appropriate field in your order form.

Consider that you can also use your customer number to obtain bonus points at If you become a member of our affiliate program, you will be able to order our services without spending your own money as you will earn extra money with our help.


How does our affiliate program allow you to save your money?

In order to comment gaining bonus points and then extra money, you should:

  • Indicate your email, account, as well as password while making the first order of yours.
  • Find – Our Affiliate program. Fill out a form. Do not forget to include your customer number and then send it to your close friends.
  • The friends of yours will be sent a special notification with an invitation to visit the website of our company and have a close look at the list of our services offered. 10% from every order made by your friends will always go directly to your personal bonus account.
  • In case your friends make other orders from our company, extra bonus points will be added to your account.
  • All the bonus points gained by you could be spent on ordering other services from in the future.

Join our affiliate program offered by today and enjoy its advantages in future.