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Progressive Delivery

You will have your paper delivered in parts or sections before the actual deadline. Such progressive delivery will enable you to monitor the writing process of a complicated paper that is 20+ pages in double-spacing or 10+ pages in single-spacing.

Benefits of Progressive Delivery:

  1. We guarantee that you will be assigned a top writer and best editor to work on your paper;
  2. You will receive your paper in parts (sections) throughout the whole writing process. That will enable you to monitor the paper writing and provide some feedback on the drafts sent in case of need;
  3. You will get help from a personal manager who will be in charge of your paper writing. Besides, the manager will also deal with the questions regarding additional materials or the change of instructions.
  4. You will be given 30 days for sending free revision requests.

Schedule of Receiving Drafts:

  1. For urgency of 4 days and less

You get one draft after 50% the deadline is over. The draft contains 25% of the required text volume.

  1. For urgency from 5 to 11 days

You get two drafts: where the first draft containing 25% of the total word count is sent after 25% of the deadline expiration and the second one containing 50% of the required text is sent to you after 50% of the deadline is over.

  1. For urgency of 12 days and more

You will receive three drafts:

  • 1st draft – 25% of the paper volume – sent after 25% of the deadline termination;
  • 2nd draft – 50% of the total word count limit – sent after 50% of the deadline expiry;
  • 3rd draft – 75% of the order volume – sent after 75% of the deadline expiry.

Progressive delivery costs 15% to the order price

*If you want to suggest another schedule of receiving drafts, you are free to propose a new plan to the personal manager. All details will be thoroughly discussed to make the service accustomed to your personal needs.

Extra Services for Short Orders

  • Summary

Summary writing belongs to the list of additional services offered by our company. You will receive a 300-word summary of your main order. The service is recommended to those who need to report on the paper or make a presentation to the class regarding the main points reflected in the main paper.

  • Draft

When ordering this service, you will receive a 1-page draft (300 words for a double-spaced paper and 600 words for a single-spaced paper) when 50% of the total order deadline is over.

  • Extended Revision

This service gives you a chance to send free revision within the time frame of 14 days after the deadline ends.