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The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is an act that protects employees who are at least forty. The act protects against forced discrimination in the process of hiring, promotions, employment termination, layoffs and wages.

The law also prohibits statements or specifications in job notices or advertisements of age preference and limitations. It also prohibits against employers denying older employees their benefits. In addition, the law has also prohibited mandatory retirement since 1985. It is illegal to force anyone to retire when it is not yet time for them to retire.

Job analysis refers to a systematic analysis, study and check of the work environment. It also involves looking at responsibilities, duties, accountabilities, skills, and ability requirements of a job. Looking at the work environment enables the management of the company to understand the conditions under which its workers are operating in. The concept of job analysis is crucial in a case where a company can legally discriminate. Through the analysis, the company organizes its operations in such a way that the company gives workers who offer services the best terms of employment. Through analysis, a company is able to know who can perform a certain role best and hence cases of discrimination against age are seldom present. To this effect, a company cannot find itself in court answering to charges of discrimination against workers in a court of law.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees workers time off for certain health conditions. This happens without putting the worker’s employment in jeopardy. Work analysis would help to ensure that the company gives a worker time off whenever they are unwell. This is because it enables a company to know the workers who are proficient in doing certain tasks. It is thus easy to do rotations at the time when a worker is absent so that business continues as usual. At times when a company can legally discriminate, a work analysis helps to ensure that this does not happen through finding of alternative solutions.