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Racial harmony refers to the situation, where individuals from different races but same nationality come together to live and work harmoniously as one family in a nation. This term aims at promoting social, economic, and political development of a nation.

Randolph Campbell (2003) emphasized racial harmonies in Texas in the book Gone to Texas. For example, children were allowed to attend integrated schools. This policy aimed at bringing together children from different cultures, thus creating racial harmony.

Moreover, Randolph documents that the state applied affirmative action strategy which directed at increasing the number of Africans and Latinos who enrolled in Texas higher learning institutions. This affirmation encouraged racial harmony since all students would freely intermingle and exchange productive ideas.

It can also be mentioned that free black were allowed to acquire legal citizenship rights under Mexican law. Texas generally accepted individuals in the society based on their opinion rather than race. This is an indicator of efforts made towards racial harmony.

Racial unrest, on the other hand, was as a result of policies such as laws and regulations that were raised to ban racial intermarriage. Besides, Texas made several attempts of excluding the black from public and political participation. This resulted to racial unrest.

Greed is one of the vices that led to racial bias in Texas. The weak and the ignorant were not properly protected from the stronger people in the society. This led to more resources being centralized in the hands of the rich while leaving the weak poorer.

The author further argues that religion played a major role in causing racial unrest. Since Texans and Mexicans differed in religion, these differences resulted into religious discrimination. Besides, religion from other communities like the Indians was suppressed. Such religious differences were never consistent with the ethical principles. Slavery in Texas also contributed towards racial unrest during this period. Several attempts were, therefore, made to address such kind of vices in the society.