Steps To Prevent Or Lessen Social Dumping

Social dumping is the problem of poor working conditions and pay, unfair competition, and breaches of safety and health rules (Bell, 1999). As a union leader, I would step up the need for collective agreements between the employees and the employer. This will ensure that the interests of all workers are defended without the consideration of nationality. This will in turn lead to provision of economic freedom resulting in key social rights being defeated. For collective agreements to be developed, I will champion for the establishment of the following key areas;

Formation of inspection authority

The formation and empowerment of labor inspection authority will ensure the control and monitoring of social dumping (Dowling, 2009). The authority will be vested with powers to yield quick results, like for example, the capability to impose fines when a company is found to be practicing social dumping.

Provision of information and consultation

Creation of awareness should be made to equip employees with knowledge on matters relating to social dumping. This will be done by creation of service centres and consultation agencies to handle the social dumping problems raised by the employees.

Registration and notification of temporal work agencies

Employment agencies should be enforced to register their business activities with the national tax authorities and company register. This will ensure authorities get an overview of their activities, effective monitoring, and put up with the law.


Though unions have divergent views, it would be necessary to establish statutory minimum wages at the national or the EU level. This can either be done through legislation or collective agreements. Although legislation is at the national level, it is normally comprehensive (Dowling, 2009). As a union leader, if such issues as the aptitude of corporations and companies going to other countries or states and getting competitive advantages by utilizing cheap labor rates are reduced, social dumping will be lessen to a larger extent. Hence my biggest concern will be to ensure that the pay and working conditions are in line with the minimum level set in the collective agreements.