Human Rights

The Declaration of Human Rights and the Rights of Man and the Citizen are made regarding basic natural rights of individuals. These rights have been declared universal despite variability of people in the world; besides, there are differences concerning cultural practices, beliefs, and personal preferences. The French Revolution motivated the ideas of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen and the American Revolutionary War ones of Bill of Rights; in addition, those events did away with the class stratification and class systems. There was an argument that all human beings are equal and are guaranteed same treatment (Forsythe 281). Rights protected the individual’s freedom; people are protected against any form of mistreatment, exploitation and indecent actions. Both indicated documents helped in the creation of new states: many people who felt marginalized asserted themselves and demanded their freedoms; some nations seceded from other bigger nations. Therefore, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen and Bill of Rights had profound effect of creating new nations.

The images of French Revolution as provided by the Hunt and Censer are explicit since they provide with the real situation. The ones also act like souvenirs, they trigger memories of revolution. Images of the French Revolution offer knowledge of past history: engravings enlighten young people who never saw the revolution, they get to know what transpired during that period.

A centralized system of governance is where the powers and authority are concentrated in one person’s hands. This system is beneficial in that decision-making is fast; authority is able to respond fast to the issues requiring firm decisions. In centralized system, the man heading the organization can respond to the major problems quickly. However, there are disadvantages of the centralized system. The person vested with power may misuse the authority as one may be dictatorial, biased or exploitative. The centralized system can not be flexible to address minor issues, and they are rigid.