Culture and Customs: Traditional Wedding in Thailand

The guest of honor, ladies and gentlemen, today is a momentous day where we all stand to celebrate the national culture day. In addition to the goat eating ceremony, I must say I feel proud being part of a country that prides in its diversity. Many of us come from different spheres of life. In fact, I must say that, in Thailand, we accept millions of tourists every year who visit us just to see diverse cultures. In addition to the unique foods, incredible beaches and fascinating culture, we are a country that prides in traditions. This visit will culminate in ecstasy that many would not forget. I am certain this visit will remain memorable.

Today, I stand here today to speak about the traditional weddings in Thailand. Weddings are the most phenomenal rite compared to other rites. It is romantic. All regions in Thailand have their own version of the marriage ceremony. For instance, among the northerners, it is Buddhist and non Buddhists who tie the knot. On the contrary, among the southerners like Phuket, there are no intermarriages. An excellent place to visit is Chiang Mai. This place is strategic for tropical garden setting. In addition, there is a Royal Forest backdrop and a rural Thai flavor.

Weddings in Thailand include religious leaders. Usually, monks are present in the weddings. However, this does not make it a church wedding. Here in Thailand, the society still performs customs such as the bridal bed ceremony. Only family members attend this ceremony. The senior couple makes the bed and throws flowers and rice grains on the bed. The elder couple is a symbol of a long term union. People throw gifts on the bed as a sign of goodwill and wealth for the newlywed.

In the wedding, people do not make vows, making it particularly different from Christian marriages. Couples marry at a favorable time and date. Unlike Christians, in Thailand, blessing by monks will only be attended by relatives a night before the people pay wedding homage to bride’s ancestors. Thailand is a place where people are proud of their culture. With those remarks, I wish to welcome everybody to Thailand feel free, feel at home. Enjoy the remarkable things Thailand culture has to offer. I wish everyone God’s blessings.