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Solar energy is the way ahead. It is radiant light and heat harnessed by human beings. It is used in the range of ever evolving technologies, free from pollution and environmental friendly. Solar energy is the most cost-efficient, reliable and renewable sources of energy and can make greater contributions to solving most urgent problems the world faces (Donald 23).Solar energy is also absorbed byhuman bodies for growth. It has a wide range of uses. Forone to get vitamin D you must have access to sunlight.

“Always a friend Always Solar energy “

It is the greatest inexhaustible and clean energy with immense longer term benefits, increases the countries energy security.

“The worlds Blessing in Solar Energy”

Solar energy is an import-independent commodity which enhances sustainability and distributed to all nations globally, keeps fossil fuels prices down and reduces the cost of externalities (Travis 121).

“My way to solar Energy”

It has a wide range of uses; used in architecture and planning, agriculture and horticulture, solar lighting, solar thermal for water heating, heating cooling ventilation, water treatment, cooking process heat, solar power for photovoltaic’s and solar chemical. In addition, we have the solar vehicles. Solar water heating systems in large scale reduces the need for convectional water heating by massive two thirds (Joel 89).

“Open untapped potential”

We store the solar energy in thermal mass systems. It can also be stored in Molten salts and paraffin wax. Moreover it can be used as pumped-storage hydroelectricity.

“Think Energy Get solar breath fresh”

There are other sources of renewable energy among them wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. They are naturally renewed and environmental friendly.

“Want Energy go green love your neighbor”

Renewable energy is mostly crucial in human development (Thom 20).

It is the cheapest source of energy.

“We have the friend to us but we never know not until he leaves us. Think energy get renewable resource and that is getting solar."