Starbucks Advert


Rhetorical Essay Starbucks Advert, Ohio Rape USA Today, Conversation. Starbucks isone of the leading coffeehouse chains in the world with over 20,000 coffee houses in 61 countries. In November 27, Starbucks in partnership with RED launched a campaign to help save lives in Africa. The advert states “ And during the Holiday season, Five Cents from every Starbucks exclusive drink you buy will help save lives in Africa” The advert is appealing to consumers to consume Starbucks coffee and in the process they would be helping save lives in Africa. The advert is appealing to the millions of consumers of Starbuck’s coffee to help save lives during the holiday season. The holiday season is associated with a time for giving. Starbucks aremaking it easier for those who may wish to help save lives through the purchase of coffee.


The use of Pathos in the advert is incredible striking the emotional values of consumers. It invokes sympathy and compassion of the consumers. The words of the advert are touching. “When we help someone else, we help ourselves” When a consumer helps himself or herself to a Starbucks coffee, they are helping someone else in Africa. “When we Save someone else’s life, we save our own”, this is a passionate appeal to all consumers. The wording used in the whole advert clearly shows that one gets more out of consuming coffee at Starbucks. It is not about the consumer or Starbucks but about other lives.

The newspaper article uses pathos in striking the emotions of readers. In detailing testimony of the victim on what actually happened on that night, the readers can picture what the victim endured. It draws on the readers’ sympathy and compassion that justice needed to be done for the high school girl. The detailof the sentence is evidence thatjustice was done according to the law. The boys violated a minor by raping her. One of the boys was given an extra year for taking a picture and posting it on the internet.

A friend requested that I take care of her dog and take it for a run at the park on Saturday morning, as she will be away visiting her sick mother. My friend used the pathos appeal, as I have been aware of her ailing mother. She also knows that I love dogs and would not mind taking care of the dog. She would have asked anyone but she considered my feelings for the dog. She looked sad when informing me about her mother and this touched on my emotions of sympathy and compassion for her. She sounded credible about her mother as she called her to confirm the visit in my presence.

  1. ETHOS

The adverts’ use of ethos is credible. Starbucks is a well-known company and the proceeds of the campaign will go into saving lives in Africa. “Ohio High School football players guilty in rape case” was an article on USA Today 17 March 2013. The article was preceded by the incident where two High schools students raped a drunken 16-year-old girl at an all night party. The incident created international attention as it was posted on You Tube and naked pictures of the victim were posted on the internet. The newspaper article details the verdict and sentence for the two high school students. It also details the evidence of the victim about the night of the rape. The article informs the audience of the outcome of the rape case.

  1. LOGOS

The advert uses logos effectively, in making it simple to participate in the campaign. Five cents from every Starbucks drink will go into saving lives. The advert is effective in reaching out to its audience. The author uses the logos appeal in giving details and facts of what happened before and after showing an example to other high school students the consequences of their actions. The use of pictures of the two high school students shows the emotions and the remorse they felt after they were sentenced. The author gives a clear account of all the events pertaining to the case using facts. The incident had created a lot of international attention and the author’s summary of the end of the case will satisfy readers that justice was done. There is no bias in the article as it gives all the details of the incident. My friend who has a dog also uses the logos in explaining what needs to be done with the dog while she is away visiting. The dog will become restless if it is not taken out for a run.

Claims, the assumptions, the fallacies elements

The discussions above are based on a variety of claims, assumptions and fallacies ranging from the Starbucks advert, the newspaper article and the conversation. First, the Star bucks claim that the coffee advert is geared to helping Africans while the main reason that the advert was established was to bust sales of coffee. The assumption is that the advert has appealed to millions of consumers and hence will bust sales. In the advert, the use of pathos to appeal consumers is at the peak. Ethos and logos are also used with the former showing an appeal in each instance while the latter provokes memories of the past. The use of the three concepts has a purpose of which the assumption behind pathos is to strike the emotions of the audience by using emotional words.

Ethos on the other hand is used to create awareness about an issue and still there are the Logos, which acts to makes the issues simple. Despite everything, there is still the fallacy aspect of the adverts, the article and the conversation. On the advert by Starbucks, there exists a fallacy of ambiguity of how the consumption of coffee would translate into assisting Africa given that the business is private. It is also fallacious for the owner of the dog to pretend they are sad to win the sympathy of getting a custodian. Fallacies have the impact of distorting things and hence must be taken quite seriously.


The Starbucks advert, the Newspaper article and conversation with my friend all used the three rhetoric appeals of pathos, ethos and logos. The advert, newspaper article and the friend were effective and efficient in appealing to the intended audience. All the three scenarios were backed with evidence by the use of statements and visuals to support their claims and assumptions. The Starbuck adverts appealed to consumers to drink a coffee as a way of saving lives in Africa, which is fallacious. The readers of the newspaper article were informed of the verdict of the trial of the high school boys, which is a fact. The friend got someone to take care of her dog. Hence, the achievement of all that is required or aimed by the pieces of work is met.