Public Speaking

Successful public speaking requires that one chooses a topic that he or she is comfortable with. However, this is not always the case and can be solved by doing adequate research on the topic of presentation. This will convince the audience that indeed the speaker has some command of the topic. According to literature, people tend to be interested in a speech when the speaker looks and sounds certain about what he or she is talking about. This makes it imperative for the speaker to familiarize with the topic of presentation.

Knowing the audience will tend to reduce stage freight. Generally, it is easier to address friends compared to strangers. In addition, the speaker needs to familiarize with the room so as to gain additional confidence. This calls for lots of practice before the actual presentation. In some instances, one may have to use a different room with similar arrangement for practice. The fundamental idea behind the rigorous practice is to gain confidence so that one can feel relaxed at the time of the presentation. However, stage freight can still occur because fear is natural part of humans that can only be managed.

In case stage freight occurs during presentation, the speaker should not stop to apologize as people will lose interest in the presentation and focus on his or her freight. Most people are not able to recognize stage freight and therefore apologizing unnecessarily draws their attention to it. In addition, the speaker needs to focus on the speech so as to be perfectly coherent. This also helps in building experience in public speaking so that the audience begins to associate the speech with the authority of the speaker. It also helps the speaker to connect well with the audience during the entire session of the speech.