Mystery of Anasazi

The mystery of the Anasazi refers to the mysterious disappearance of the Anasazi people of North America. The Anasazi were a Native American tribe which lived in the four corners area of modern day United States. The mystery of the Anasazi is with regard to the disappearance of this while nation without leaving a clue as to where they went.  Many theories have bee suggested for the disappearance including total annihilation or cannibalization by other marauding Indian tribes. The Anasazi did not really disappear as evidence suggests they emigrated to Hopiland Zuni and the Pueblos of the Rio Grande wherein they lost their identity as a people.

The Anasazi way of life was founded upon trading and agriculture. They were good cultivators and traders who sold their agricultural surpluses and other items such as carvings and pottery. The Anasazi were a Native American tribe which lived in the four corners area the meeting point of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. The Anasazi dwellings were made mainly of stones which were held together by mud which was used as mortar. The building block was a kiva on which was connected to other kivas and then other structures were erected on top to make multistoried buildings. Prominent architecture of the Anasazi were the Pueblos which were important as a building block of the Anasazi compound. The Anasazi had astronomical practices ands the Chaco Canyon Road had important astronomical implications. The road can be seen on many ceremonial structures being depicted in a north south alignment.

While it is universally acknowledged that the Anasazi civilization disappeared, the perspectives on this vary with Non Native Americans adopting a mainly theoretical approach to the disappearance while the Natives take a mythical and oral tradition perspective regarding the Anasazi civilization and their disappearance.