Yuri was walking down the street. Although everything seemed to be fine, something in the back of his mind seemed to be unsettled. It was a lovely day in late spring. The air was filled with gorgeous smells of blossoming trees and nearby ocean. One ought to enjoy such a lovely Sunday morning. However, something was obviously bothering Yuri. Firstly, there was a conversation on his phone with Liz, his older sister: a very short chat, which has changed Yuri’s life, and made him wonder around the city with no purpose for some time.

Lizzie: Bro, have smth to tell u

Yuri: Hey, what happened?

Lizzie: Better tell that in person.

Yuri: Busy for the next week. Tell me now.

Lizzie: OK. You’re not from this planet.

Yuri: …

Lizzie: You’re an alien. Out of space and everything.

Yuri called Liz and started talking about her lame jokes and his lack of time. But Liz didn’t let him finish. She started talking something about his past, how their parents (her parents?) had an alien encounter, how a child was left with them, and how he can think of all the tiny weird things that were happening in his life. And Yuri began thinking.

Once, when he was five or six, Yuri was challenged by one of his friends who would ride the closest the edge of the local canyon. Yuri was moving very fast and though he wanted to stop, he couldn’t. Yuri remembered loosing the ground, and then he closed his eyes. The next thing Yuri remembered were all his friends gathered around. They’ve managed to get down the steep slope while Yuri was unconscious. To everyone’s surprise, the boy was uninjured when his bike was all broken.

Memories kept moving in Yuri’s head: he’s been in two car crashes but has never broken a single bone; in fact, he has never been sick; their parents don’t have Yuri’s pictures till he was three, but there are pictures of Liz from the day she was born; Yuri had the weirdest allergies, such as rice, which he could not even smell… Well, indeed, the more Yuri thought about it, the more possible Liz’ story sounded. Too many small weird things have happened in his life. Separately each of them seemed to be just tiny events, but altogether they’ve formed a whole new picture.

Once, when Yuri was in first grade, his mother told him an amazing story. From time to time elves were seen in local forests. Those were not the tiny winged creatures, but lean tall ones with pale skin and gentle gestures. They appeared and disappeared in beautiful rays of white light. They moved gently through the forest, sang songs and talked to animals. After hearing this story Yuri had a weird dream – he was one of the elves. Still, he was a little child and he could not even walk, so one of the magic creatures was carrying him. Then the creatures left, and Yuri felt as lonely as he has never been. He had this feeling of desperate loneliness many times in his life.

Long after the talk with Liz was over Yuri kept thinking. Obviously, he was in shock. The most bizarre ideas came to his mind. For example, Yuri thought that he should change his CV.

Unknown year – born on an unknown planet

1934 – found in a field by a married couple

1941-1951 – School

1951-1954 – College

1955-1959 – Army

May 1961 – discovered that he is an alien

At this point, Yuri had too many questions, and there was no one to give him right answers. Was true everything Liz just said? What should he do now? How can he live with this? Who are his parents? Nevertheless, there were two questions that kept bugging the man. Was it a coincidence that he – Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space is an alien? And, most importantly: how could he use a cell phone in 1961?!

That’s when Yuri woke up and thought that he will, probably, see a psychologist before the next flight.