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This essay is about an organization that fought in 1916 in the Easter Rising and the Irish war in 1919 to 1921. As the essay talks about how the organization it also mentions how the organizations fought guerilla warfare against the crowns in Ireland. The essay revolves around the Irish republican army and how it came to grow to become one of the military wing of Sinn Fein. The essay also mentions about the objectives the Irish Republican Army achieved in 1949 and why it was important. The Irish Army has a long history that originated from the United Irishmen back in 1798 and 1803. The paper goes from the year 1919 up to 2005. It briefly speaks about the IR it divisions and how it ran.

IRA is a nationalist organization which is devoted in the integrity of Ireland as a full independent unit. The IRA acronym was used by the IRB organization for the first time in the America. Michael Collin was a remnant of a rebel unit which was dispersed after the eastern rebellion in the year 1916. The rebel unit was composed of militants and volunteers of the Irish. It grew to become one of the military wings of Sinn Fein party. In 1922, the Irish Free State was established and the IRA was considered a stronghold of the intransigent opposition to the Irelands dominion and the separation of the Northern side of Ireland. In the early years when the Free State was troubled, it was the IRA who were responsible for the raids, battles and bombings on the two sides of the Irish border.

In 1932, a former IRA supporter Eamon De Valera took over the government of Free State. The IRA swiftly declined all its illegal activities it carried out, and by 1949, the IRA attained its republican objectives. IRA was an outlawed organization. The government did not side with that organization, so it had to be discreet and, so that is when it became a top secret organization. The organization initiated the bombing attacks during the 1950s. In between 1956 and 57 several countries were bombed. Some of the countries that were bombed were; Belfast, London and at the border of Ulster.

As time went by the IRA divided into two separate groups. There was the majority/ officials and the other one was provisional’s. These two groups were not on the same page the majority was advocating having a social and a united Ireland. On the other hand, the provisional’s believed that terrorism was necessary because it boosted unification. The provisional’s initiated a methodical terrorist campaign in north Ireland. The provisional’s in 1972 they extended their terrorism acts to England where it ended up killing 19 civilians in Birmingham bombing in the year 1974 two years later after their penetration to England. In response to that incident, the British parliament carried forward the aversion of terrorism act that resulted to outlawing the IRA organization in Britain. Five years later I 1979 Louis Mountbatten was assassinated, but the organization failed to assassinate the prime minister of Brighton, England Margaret Thatcher.

Hopes of peace were seen in 1994 due to the declaration of the IRA to maintain the terrorist’s acts. In 1995 Sinn Fein who is the leader of the party IRA begun participating in talks with Britain. In 1996, the party was barred from the negotiations due to the renewed bombings. In July 1997 the IRA announced a cease fire, the political leader Sinn Fein was later given the privilege to participate in another talk that was assembled in September that year. In 1998, there was accord that resulted from the talks which were held in the previous year that provided a new assembly in Northern Ireland that comprised of Protestants and Catholics. Greater relationships between Northern Ireland and the Irish republic were implemented. The IRA was disarmed, and the representatives of the political party leader Sinn Fein participated in the new government of the Northern Irish in December 1999.

The new government was suspended in the year 2000, and a year later it was suspended again by the Britain due to the refusal to disarm. Later in the year IRA decided to disarm, but they were mischievous because they were keeping a secret that they had disarmed but in the real sense they have not. That is when some incidents that took place in 2001 indicated that the IRA had not disposed of their paramilitary activities, which resulted to another suspension of home rule. Recently the Ira has been accused of involvement in common criminal activities such as robbery, smuggling, and extortion. In July 2005, the IRA organization announced once again that they were ending their armed campaign.