Going Naked to a Sushi Restaurant

Have you ever done something stupid or awkward? Have you ever been ashamed for your actions? What makes us do something foolish? There are many things that might be unusual for both ourselves and people surrounding us. Although I have never been to a naked sushi restaurant, once I had a dream of my riotous going to such a place.

Once, in a dream, I saw myself going to a naked sushi restaurant. It was not like in a Hollywood movie, but more like a horror film for me. The food was served on a beautiful female body lying on a huge tray fixed on a trolley. It was painted with different combinations of colors creating an amazing mixture of exotic fruits and trees in painting. All people in the restaurant were dressed up nicely and sat pompously at “live tables,” eating different exotic meals, drinking champagne, and competently discussing political news. Yet, they were amazed by choosing the tastiest sushi from this female body touching the most intimate zones. At first, I was completely confused and wanted to fall down, disappear, and hide somewhere. I was desperately seeking a place to shelter. Then, I wanted to help this lady, to cover her body with something, and to make these people take their dirty hands away. Yet, I noticed that this naked lady was not against; and she even liked it and invited all to taste the sushi from her body tray, or at least it looked so. Thus, I understood that I needed to change my attitude to the situation, or otherwise, I would go crazy. Despite my disgust I wanted to taste one of the sushi, I took my chopsticks and tried to pin one and…

I woke up in a cold sweat and felt that any thought about this nightmare would freeze my blood. Again and again, one and the same question was annoying me: where all this came from and whether it was a nightmare or a dream. Still, I felt that I would have enjoyed being in a naked sushi restaurant.

I think that all people have hidden desires and ambitions inside of them. They can be dictated by some failures in childhood, negative or positive experiences in adolescence, or some idols in youth. Lack of attention to your personality in real life can provoke such dreams and brighten your imagination. People strive for self-realization and want to demonstrate it. More than that, human beings are naturally creatures and earlier they used to feel comfortable without any clothes. It can also be a sign of being closer to nature.

The reason of the situation in the naked sushi bar is that nowadays more people have somewhat perverted tastes and simply delicious dishes are not enough for them. People want to have something special in simple dining out – be it exotic food or exotic decorations for their lunch.

Later, social restrictions and laws came and made people slaves of this situation. Such laws cut people off the nature and made them put on expensive clothes, care about their body, and, eventually, turned the experience of going to a naked sushi restaurants into a nightmare. Certainly, psychologists can describe such situation as a conflict between one’s outside and inner world. Sexologists will interpret such dream with the help of “sublimation theory.” Older people will say that the world is getting crazy and young generation is representing it. I explained my dream with the fact that I was exhausted after one of my important projects and regretted about my casual dress code during one of the main meetings for that project. At least, I found a logical explanation for my experience of going to a naked sushi restaurant in my dream. Yet, I still doubt whether I would perform such a a visit of mine in reality.

Different people have various reasons for making something not typical of the society. Yet, such goings to naked restaurants are becoming more popular nowadays. Certainly, it is not bad if you do something in a different way, break rules and restrictions, and if your imagination takes you somewhere where you have never been before. Nevertheless, the main question is whether you are ready to go to a naked sushi bar must be a conscious choice rather than a choice of your imagination.