Debate about Genetically Modified Food

In my opinion, genetically modified food should be illegal. Why am I so negative? Genetically modified product is a food received from transgenic organisms. In simple words, it is a product with not original gens. Nowadays, progress has reached such a level that we can change any quality of the plant dramatically by adding any attributes of another plant. I have to mention that scientist are not able to create new, not existing attributes yet. So, all manipulations with genetically modified food is a sort of mixing and shuffling already known gens of different animals or plants. What is the point of all those modifications? There are two of them. First, it is done with the aim to improve the nutrition quality; second, to increase yield. In the first case, the creation of genetically modified food is not well-developed yet and does not affect food much, so we should better pay attention to the yield increased by gens. It is the food we get on our plates every time we are hungry. So, how to increase yield? Usually, there are three ways: adding sustainability gens into plants to protect them from insects, bugs, etc., adding thermal resistance gens, and adding herbicide resistance gens (it means that fields are poured with herbicides destroying everything not protected from them).

Real and imaginary damage from genetically modified food:

  1. It is Frankenstein’s food. Alien gens from genetically modified food can get into human cells causing mutation, etc.
  2. Transgenic products might be toxic for human body.
  3. Such products cause vulnerability to antibiotics.
  4. Genetically modified products increase the risk of allergy.

All of those dangers are not proven myths, but there are two very real dangers I did not mention. Growing genetically modified plants drops sorts variety. When one or two sorts are used, others would die, which is not very good. Another very real danger is depending on gens supplying companies. Those companies mostly sell sterilized and genetically modified seeds. What will happen if they will reject to sell them or will dramatically increase the price especially if a farmer is American and a company is European for example?

We could talk about advantages as well, but there are only two of them. Moreover, they are just time depending. The first argument is that we can feed entire world by increasing the harvests of genetically modified food. Why? Bugs, insects as well as weeds are not dangerous anymore. However, we are secure from them only now. After some time, all of them will become invulnerable to toxins; weeds will gain herbicides resistance. Everything will start again. We will meet the same problems as it was with antibiotics. The last advantage is creating a plant with absolutely new and unique attributes. In fact, it is not possible. Science can only mix attributes so far andnd we can only pass certain attributes from one plant to another. So taking all those risks, even if they are not proved, is not worthy at all.