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Crime can be described as a deliberate violation of rules and regulations that have been set by a particular group of people or society. As a result, these violations would lead to loss of property, injury to other people or even loss of lives, depending on the type and magnitude of the crime. There are overall laws and regulations that have been set by nations to form a standard basis for ensuring that there is a reduction in the rate of crime in the society. In the country such as the United States, each state has its own laws and regulations that are used to control the rate of crime within their boundaries. There are two major types of crime; the white collar crime and the violent crime.

The white collar crime is the crime that is most carried out by people who are educated and have been employed to work for different organizations and businesses. This type of crime therefore relies on the fact that there are unscrupulous dealings that are introduced by the people involved into the organizations’ or business’ activities leading to a loss of revenue or resources that is channelled into individual accounts. On the other hand, violent crime is based on the fact that the person accomplishing it uses force to get what he wants from his victim. Therefore, weapons such as guns, knives, and other forms of cruelty are used to relinquish the victim of his valuables (Caplow, Bahr, Modell & Chadwick, 1994, p.497).

One of the similarities of these crimes is that both of them lead to a loss of property and other valuables that belong to an individual, an organization or a business. Similarly, they may also lead to a loss of lives of the people involved. During the occurrence of violent crimes, the victim may be critically injured or even killed. The same issue happens in some cases of white collar crimes whereby the victims who reveal the ongoing crimes are killed in cold blood murder to erase any evidence of crime (Caplow, Bahr, Modell & Chadwick, 1994, p.498).

On the contrary, white collar crimes require skills and knowledge that is learnt in class such as accounting and finance. Similarly, these crimes take a long time under planning before they are carried out. However, violent crimes do not special skills and knowledge that is learnt in class for them to be carried out. Instead, they require virtues such as courage under which one will apply force and allow his instincts to carry him as a far as possible after the crime has occurred. The tools of investigating these crimes also differ greatly from each other (Caplow, Bahr, Modell & Chadwick, 1994, p.497).

Finally, it can be stated that both type of crimes have an impact on FBI, Uniform Crime Reports. While there has been an increase in the rate of violent crimes, white collar crimes too have been rising at a very high rate thus raising the rates of crimes that are report in the Uniform Crime Reports by the FBI. Thus while white collar crime were ignored in the past and there effects seen as minimal, the society has come to a realisation that white collar crimes are as dangerous as violent crimes and thus the rise in crime statistics.