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Recruitment Plan

To begin with, a recruitment plan is a first step of the employee hiring process. It is basically a collection of thoughts, ideas and requirements in order to fill any specific job position(s) (Heneman et. al., 2012). It details the way potential employees should be attracted and hired. Similarly, this is a recruitment plan that aims to focus upon the recruitment strategy for hiring a Parent Educator at Charterhouse Center for Families (CCFF). The plan comprises of a detailed overview of the various internal and external selection strategies, including Application/Résumé, Initial Assessment Methods, Substantive Assessment Methods, Testing Procedures, Structured v. Non-Structured Interviews, Interview Questions, Panel Interviews, Legal Issues, Orientation, Training, Skills Inventory, Peer/Self-Assessments, Performance Appraisals, Testing procedures, Interview Questions, Structured Interview, Legal Issues, Orientation, Training etc (Gael, 1988).

Brief Overview of the Organization

To begin with, Charterhouse Center for Families (CCFF) is a not-for-profit organization, which has been into operation for more than 25 years now.  The organization aims at providing services to strengthen the community of San Joaquin County (California) by encouraging, motivating, empowering, and assisting families in overcoming poverty and other significant life challenges (, 2013).

Filling the Parent Educator Position

As detailed before, the recruitment plan will comprise of a mix of internal and external strategies. The plan is spread over a period of two months i.e. eight weeks in total. The paragraph below presents details of the same. Also, note that at times, some activities may be conducted in parallel.

Week 1: Need Analysis

This step will involve what exactly is desired from a Parent Educator, what is the available budget and what all resources are available.

Week 2: Floating Vacancy

This process will involve posting the job description of a Parent Educator on online job portal, forwarding to recruitment agencies, CCFF’s internal job portal etc. The aim at this stage is to create awareness about the opening.

Week 3 and 4: Reviewing Resumes and Applications

This stage will involve carefully reviewing all the applications and resumes received from the candidates for the post of Parent Educator.

Week 5: Initial Assessments

This step will involve inviting all the short listed candidate for an initial assessment and a psychometric test.

Week 6: Interview and Group Discussion

At this stage, the candidates will be invites for a one-on-one interview and a group discussion. Focus at this stage would be to understand what they have done in the past and learn about their educational background.

Week 7: HR Round and Floating Offer

At this stage, a final HR round of interview would be conducted to understand the salary expectations of the candidates and thus, offering position to the most suitable candidates.

Week 8: Negotiations, Discussion and Position Filled

This will be the final stage where all negotiations will occur, followed by discussions and the position of Parent Educator will be closed.