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ISO 9001 quality management system is considered as the world’s most renowned management standard. The use and incorporation of this system into a company is considered to manage quality no matter the size of the business. The system is considered to increase profit, save money, win more business, and increase the satisfaction of customers. Like for instance in our Etihad Airline, which performs air frame and engine engineering in Abu Dhabi, we have embraced the use of quality management systems leading us to the achievement of optimum results. Although the process took us some quite considerable time, the results have been felt in the company. In the last eight years, our company has established itself as the world’s leading airline. This is reflected by a series of awards that the company has been awarded, hence making it as one of leading premium airline brand in the world.

During the implementation and build up process, all the necessary stakeholders and inclusion of the staff were informed and made to work thoroughly in their areas of concern for the company’s achievement of ISO certification. During the process, revision and creation of new procedure documents and manuals was done through the use of the inter-departmental committees and focus groups.

The ISO 9001 has made our company have competitive edge globally, have security on business future success, and boost the confidence of all the parties involved in the running of day to day activities in the company. In the process of setting up quality management systems, issues such as; review, design, control, deployment, measurement, and improvement are taken into consideration.

From my experience, the adoption of the quality management systems requires a strategic decision making of the company. This is influenced by varying objectives, needs, the process employed, the products/services provided, and the structure and size of the organization. The primary concern of the quality management systems is to ensure that the products/services provided by the company conform to the customer expectations and needs, and the organization objectives are achieved.