Problematising Write-Up

The key objective of selecting a problem is to find a solution to it. I have dedicated my focus to an academically complex problem, which I believe would benefit from action learning approach.

Various questions arise from the problem that I have posed for my fellow Action Learning members and myself. These questions include: Can efficiency promote a friendly working environment? Can self-evaluation lead to self-actualization? Do uncaring Companies benefit from their employees? One of the most significant questions was posed by my set colleague who asked: Can managers who are not satisfied lead to the termination of employees? Consequently, other related questions that bore upon particular circumstances and in situation at my workplace motivated me to turn my attention to the managerial literature on the treatment of employees at the workplace and eventual dismissal by managers. This facilitated the understanding of the nature of the problem that I was faced with.

Question setting and research are crucial in the exercise of Action Learning. According to Bourner and Simpson (2005), “the capacity to make a significant original contribution emanates from the contribution of knowledge through research” In addition, Lebaron (2010) asserts that we can no longer assume that the present forecast of the future depends on the present. The aim of this research is to find out the questions that are not likely to be asked by a particular individual. This is a key part of my study of Action Learning. I had a perception of my problem that came under the challenge of my fellow set members. This technical problem requires the disclosure of crucial components relating to management as a practice from the onset. Furthermore, it considers the challenges and stages involved in the management of various resources and employees in the workplace.

In the arguments, Gold asserts that critical thinking is core part of management evaluation. Managers must be in a position to think critically in order to effectively deal with their employees. Managers must consider all aspects of their employees in relation to gender and age. Thus, managers would be seen to be developing in case they consider these vital components. We discussed Holmes (2008) paper that explores various perspectives relating to the significance of facilitators in promoting learning among individuals. In this article, facilitators are depicted to be effective in deepening our understanding for the roles and responsibilities of our set members. In addition, facilitators enable us to agree on how we would like to work together, understand what facilitated our working, and verbalize the important concepts that facilitated our learning in the set. Thus, facilitators are significant in promoting our deep understanding of the various aspects relating to management. In discussing all this, my colleagues and I failed to act to the problem and we speculated on why this may be so and the implications of this failure to act.

Coughan and Pedler (2006) assert that research from action learning differs from any other kind of research. Research relating to management and other aspects of management can only be found through effective research. Thus, management education is vital in the understanding of the practical nature of action learning. This means that individuals wishing to get into management must pursue the required level of education that would enable them reduce the rate of employee sacking. We discovered that managers do not have to deal with their employees according to their moods. Managers would deal effectively with their employees in case they ensure that they incorporate the views of their employees in the effective achievement of the organizational goals. Managers must gain the required level of education that would enhance the required levels of research and improve their relationship with employees.

The concerns and question raised helped students settle on the bets question statement, because of the availability of the opportunity to share perceptions and various issues. Sharing of various issues opens up one’s mind hence ensuring that they are able to think in various directions that lead to better formulation of questions relating to the problems in the workplace and the society as a whole.

I aim focused at getting additional materials that would boost my understanding of the management research problem. Thus, I would research on the topic using current sources of information such as journals. This would keep me abreast of everything that would be going on in the society and the work place. Lastly, I would consider asking questions to my lecturer who would give me more information.