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Public personnel administration is an element of human resource management. It deals with the acquisition, utilization and development of a public organization’s workforce. It also involves compensation. Public personnel administration bares three key words, first, public; this refers to local government agencies and non- profit organisations such as NGOs. Personnel refer to the workmanship or the human resource that work in the public sector providing service to society. The discipline deals with attainment of an organization’s goals through excellent personnel management.

Organizational Barriers Affecting Diversity

Organizational barriers that affect diversity are policies at the workplace that are unwittingly or sometime wittingly erected by organizations, and which hinder workplace diversity. Some barriers to diversity at organizations include consistent and inequitable practices in hiring and promotions based on gender, race and age. Most agencies have been slow to and unresponsive to diversity training and new programmatic initiatives thus slowing down organizational diversity.

Why Differences Make a Difference

The study has revealed that organizational workgroups with members of individual and differing views produce better more diverse and coordinated results; thus differences make a difference, a positive difference for that matter. Workgroup diversity includes social diversity, value diversity and informational diversity. Social diversity improves morale among workers while value diversity positively improved output value. Workforce diversity is an inevitable policy for any organization that is cautious about quality output.

Colour Blind Ideology

Amanda Lewis gives a comprehensive solution to a brewing and pungent practice that has swept across generations in the example of a school of the multi-colored population. She clearly puts it and states it under an ideology, the” Colour-blind “ideology. This noble ideology cuts across not only skin colour but gender, disability, and so many other protected and often segregated classes. It is a solution that cuts across and underscores the importance of seeing a difference in pursuing diversity based on race and ethnicity. Society ought to be blind and indifferent to physical attributes of individuals and promote organizational diversity.