Personal Management Essay

Last year during summer holidays, I decided to engage in sporting activities as a way of keeping myself physically fit as well as spending free time. I was spoilt of choice because in my neighborhood, there are numerous sporting clubs where individuals engage in different sporting activities for fun, physical fitness, and sometimes for competition purposes. However, I did not want to do something that would not expose me to adventures. Therefore, I decided to engage in cycling. I was very enthusiastic about cycling and I purchased a mountain bike immediately and started cycling within my neighborhood. Everyday, I would take my bike and cycle in the neighborhood all morning and do the same in the evening. One morning, I thought that since I had seen enough in my neighborhood, it would have been fun if I started cycling beyond my neighborhood. I therefore took my bike and cycled towards the nearest town from my place of resident. On the way, I decided to take shortcut. I had not used the shortcut before, but I knew it existed. As I cycled through the shortcut route, I noticed that live in that area was very different from my area of resident. There were many people standing by the roadside either talking in groups or just watching the passersby. I decided to stop just to confirm from a group of teenage boys whether I was headed to the right direction. They confirmed that I was not lost and I was on the right direction. Before I left, I asked them curiously whether they were expecting a dignitary in their neighborhood on that day. They told me no and they asked me why I asked such a question.

I told them it was because I had noticed that there were many people standing idly on the roadside. They told me that was their lifestyle. One of them told me that they did not have any work to do. I asked them whether they go to school and they told me that they were dropouts. When I asked them why, they told me that their peers were also dropouts and they found it unnecessary to school. Furthermore, they told me that the only school in their neighborhood was a public school, which was usually filled beyond its capacity, thus making it hard for them to get quality education. One of the boys said that he would have loved to be educated but his parents did not have the money to take him to a private school. His remarks made me realize that the neighborhood needed some assistance. It was nearing noon and I had some chores to do. I headed back to my neighborhood but promised to meet the boys the net day at the same spot so that we could talk more.

On the following day, I was there early and surprisingly, all the four boys were there already. I asked them to take to their former school, which they did. The condition of the school was pathetic. There were a few blocks of classes, which had worn-out seats. I asked them what they thought would be done to help the situation. They suggested that either the school should be expanded in order to increase its capacity or another public school is constructed in the area. One of them suggested that all the youths in the area should be provided with employment opportunities. We evaluated this suggestion and found that it was not possible because many of them were not educated bearing in mind that current, even the informal sector requires educated people.

After a lengthy discussion with the boys, we concluded that the best way to change the neighborhood was through improving the education starts of its people. We evaluated the suggestion to expand the school but realized that this would not be a long-term solution since the population of the neighborhood was growing at an increasing rate. We, therefore, settled for the idea of constructing a new school. We agreed that we were going to seek address of the matter from the town clerk the following day. On the following day, I borrowed a jeep from a good friend in my neighborhood and my newly made friends accompanied me to the clerk’s office in town. Here, we were directed to the officer in charge of education where I explained to him about the condition of the school in that neighborhood. I proposed to him about our idea of building a new school in that neighborhood. He told me that I was not supposed to be concerned with such issues and that was a matter of the authorities. I felt very bad about his remarks but I told him that if he agreed to present my proposal to the town authority, I would mobilize a fundraising in my neighborhood to help meet some of the costs of constructing a new school. He was amazed by my boldness and he promised to call me after a week.

I continued hanging out with my new friends and before the end of the week, I received a phone call from the town clerk and he told me that he heard about my proposal and had approved it. Within two weeks, the clerk led the groundbreaking ceremony for construction of a new school. I felt very proud as I presented the money I had collected in my neighborhood as I had promised.