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It is the very acute theme. I think human resources are used everywhere. It is a very important job within companies in international markets. To use human resources means to manage staff for prosperity of a company. Nowadays, there are many special departments of staff recruiting. The new role of HRM involves a strategic direction, the HRM metrics and measurements to demonstrate value ( Heathfield, n.d. ).

Four factors which can affect human resources:

  • Political climate;
  • Economic climate;
  • Company strategies;
  • Technological developments.

I examined each of these factors, and it is necessary to underline that the first main factor is a political climate. The political climate has a strong influence on any company in international market. Because of that, company can lose some departments or they can be even stopped for a while, some expenses can also be cut down.

The second one is an economic climate. The economic climate is very close to political one. It means that the economic climate includes bank’s system and this system helps in crediting companies. If banks are very careful, they can try to back money faster. But it can be a disaster for a company.

The third factor is the company’s strategies. Of course, every company has its own strategy. This strategy will not work without political and economic climates. But this factor still fulfills important task, and it has some influence on the company’s work.

And, at last, the fourth factor affecting human resources is technological developments. The technological development has influence on a company or business and helps to regulate it. It is making our life simpler. It is not necessary to go somewhere to conduct commercial talks. For example, a person can connect with someone in Skype and do his/her business.  It is possible to send a letter to someone’s electronic post, and you do not need to wait a few days, because it will be received in a few seconds or minutes.

I think all these for factors are very useful, but I consider that the most important factor is the political climate. Only political factor has very strong influence not only on companies, but also on the other three factors, it also regulates company’s or business’ position in international market.