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How Can Human Resource Management Strategically Contribute to the Organization’s Mission and Vision on a Daily Basis?

Firstly, the Human Resource (HR) Manager should assist in development of a perfect vision and mission statements that reflect the true spirit of the organization. Secondly, the HR team needs to communicate core values that would focus on achievement of the goals of the vision and mission. Both short- and long-term goals should necessarily go in line with the vision and mission of the organization (Noe, 2008). Any HR team would doubtfully manage doing this activity alone without the help of a well-assembled strategic planning team. Finally, both vision and mission should be well propagated within the company staff to ensure that all efforts are geared towards one common goal.

How Might Juanita Have to Develop to Better Fulfill Her Role?

In order to fulfill my role, I would have to develop a certain range of skills that would facilitate the organization’s goals achievement. First, I would need to sharpen my critical thinking skills that would be in line with the ethics and traditions of the organization traditions (Noe, 2008). The leadership skills that I already happen to possess would certainly need to be improved, because this would be critical to supervision of the line managers. Communication skills are just as important to master to facilitate understanding between all staff members. Finally, the business management fundamentals should be studied to make sure the overall decision-making is in line with the vision and mission of the organization.

How Might Juanita Engage Line Managers to Become More Involved in What Has Traditionally Been the HR’s Function in this Organization? Why?

Line managers are vital in the successful running of any organization. They are the immediate ‘bosses’ to the employees, thus their failure in decision-making would eventually translate to the failure of the company. As HR manager, who perfectly understands their importance, I would hold regular motivational meetings with the line managers listening to their reports (Noe, 2008). I would also constantly challenge their decision-making, reminding how it contributes to the achievement of the vision and mission. Finally, I would appeal to the line managers’ feelings to ensure that they keep in mind the mission and vision statements. These practices would potentially help the company succeed in achieving its strategic goals.

Which Aspects of Human Resource Management Would She Want to Entrust to Specialists? Why?

Well-established communication between the organization’s management and propagation of core values to the line managers are important to make sure these values resonate with all the employees. This process could fail if poorly qualified people were recruited for the line management positions. It might be a good choice to entrust the candidate selection process to independent professionals in the managerial recruitment area.