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The book Against Culture: Development, Politics, and Religion in Indian Alaska" by Kirk Dombrowski offers an exceptional source for attaining knowledge on the political events that are taking place in the native American communities that inhabit Southern Alaska in contemporary day United States. This is a modern book in ethnography that has similar aspects to Anna Tsing’s book on the same subject. The book is useful for finding insights into the constitution of frontiers of modern day Alaska which were determined through legislation influenced by the discovery and extraction of oil. This legislation was crucial in the determination of the native people into different ethnographies. The book offers good insights into the background of the ANSCA legislation and how they were utilized in the determination of native identity through genetic and land based policies (Dombrowski 15-98).

The author gives a particularly interesting description of the manner in which the geographic rearrangements of people during the period of colonization and occupation has resulted into an intertwining of claims from current and absent landholders. The author’s perspective thus explains how the fragmentation resulting from this leads to differences min the politics of Alaska and subsequently resource extraction. The latter segment of the book discusses the pentecostalists negative attitudes towards the native culture and thus they continue to promote the practices of the Alaska Native Brotherhood. To be a member in the alternative Christian way of life mainly consisted of discussion of deliverance from cultural practices and drunkenness. Dombrowski paints a picture regarding the economic, social and political requirements that one has to fulfill in order to attain membership in the native culture. A study of these three elements is important in determining how policy of resource allocation is determined in Alaska. It offers important insights into the nature of native identity determination and how it affects the economics, sociology and politics of Alaska (Dombrowski 101-196).