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Theme is the central message the story carries. Symbolism on the other hand, is the use of reference or objects to bring the deeper meaning of a story. It makes the story simple but takes to another level by enhancing it.

From the story, “The Rocking-Horse winner” by Lawrence depicts the fantasy, fable, and the fairy tale. The use of the house is symbolically used to describe the materialism of the parents. The whispering in the story is symbolically used to show the family’s financial troubles. The chant, ‘there must be more money’, shows the unlimited expectations and desires that Paul’s mother wanted. The materialistic nature and the expensive tastes of Paul’s parents led to less satisfaction; hence the voice in the house became ever increasing. Thus, symbolism here has been used to convey a message of un-satisfaction.

The rocking horse is symbolically used to represents the solution. By riding the house, Paul can get to where wants and where lack can be found.  He does not enjoy riding the horse, but due to love and attention; he rides to satisfy her mum. His riding is considered out of control and break neck, which led to Paul’s death due to exhaustion. Although her Paul’s mum was never fulfilled, she helped her pay off her family debts.

The story “A Worn Part” by Eudora Welty is full of symbols that have been used to develop its theme. The main character, Phoenix, is a name of a bird that mythological rises from the ashes. The special bird is considered to have the ability to overcome anything to be reborn. Phoenix represents a legend that no matter what she encounters, she manages to rise above all her obstacles and problems to rise above. The main theme in this story is racism, but more strongly the message of perseverance, strength and hope in the face of poverty and hardship. Though old and suffering, Phoenix walks long distances to town to find medicine for her grandchild. This demonstrates the theme of love for her child. Her will to endure the cold, walk long distances through cornfield, and pass through cornfields that have dangerous animals; shows the perseverance she passes through in dealing with poverty, racial prejudice and old age pains in the care for her grandchild. Her struggle and Christ like figure portrays a theme of redemption.