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Imagining of a world where human beings live being free from medical disorders, practicing healthy eating habits and engaging in physical exercises so that they remain healthy. This is a life that I wish everybody should be living. But because we cannot afford such a perfect life, I developed interest in the healthy sector especially in the field of respiratory therapy. It is my belief that my earlier experiences in medicine have enlightened me on the need for everyone to have to proper respiration. Although other sectors in therapy such as physical therapy among others are important to the respective victims, I believe that respiratory comes first. This is because, there is no life without breathing and it is my sincere wish that I be part of a group that is the first to assist victims who have not only long-term respiratory conditions but also those with short-term conditions, as this forms the basis for their recovery to become active and enjoy life like they did before the conditions.

From my understanding that experience is a valuable tool to a successful medical career, I have no doubt joining the respiratory therapy program will give me the ultimate opportunity to continue my passion of working in health facilities and contributing positively towards the recovery of valuable lives that could otherwise be lost. In addition, my desire to help people retain their health especially respiratory health will be fulfilled as I participate in the respiratory therapy program. These quests give me the drive to visualize the significance of dedicating my abilities to achieving a lot in respiratory therapy program without compromising quality of service.

I am certain that the program will help me to achieve my long-term goals in the medical sector through the quality practical training and knowledge offered in the respiratory program. I am thus ready to accept any challenges that come with the program as I understand their worth. In addition, I sometimes wonder if there are possibilities of living without respiratory disorders in the current world. If not, what are the best ways possible to apply respiratory therapy to retain normal health and to what extend can respiratory health practitioners offer guarantee of their services. These are the some of the questions, among others I would like to find answers when I join the able program of respiratory therapy. I have no doubts that I will benefit a lot from the program as I help respiratory victims to gain their active lives again. I am looking forward to joining the program and therefore, I submit my sincere appreciation for this opportunity and it is my promise that I have the necessary capabilities to considerably benefit from the program.