Location of a Safety Manager in an Organization

In an organization, a safety manager should be located in an easily accessible location (Safety Manager, 2010). Easy access of the location of a safety manager enables the manager to ensure safety in an organization with limited restrictions since the employees can always report their safety concerns easily, and the manager can assess the safety condition of all employees at all times. In large organizations, a full-time safety manager is justified. It is also justifiable to have a safety department in a large organization, where the safety manager should be located (Safety Manager, 2010). Since the human resource department is always located in a very accessible location, then the safety department/office should be located next to the human resource department.

However, in a small organization, a safety manager can be located in the department of the human resources since it is not economical to have a safety department in a small organization. A small organization can either have a safety manager or delegate safety-related responsibilities to the human resource managers (Roland & Moriarty, 1990). However, it is always advisable to have a safety manager or officer, who does not have direct operational line management responsibilities in order to avoid conflict of interest. The choice for location of safety manager inside or next to the human resource office/department is because human resources offices usually attract a substantial amount of employees’ interactions. A human resource office/department is a ‘must-visit’ place for all employees. Therefore, location of the office of the safety manager in or next to the human resource office would be strategic since it can be able to tap employees’ interactions from the human resource office.

Nonetheless, because safety managers are usually personnel managers, they should report to the personnel/human resource managers in their organizations (Safety Manager, 2010). These recommendations match the structure of the organization, which I know. In this organization, the safety manager is located inside the human resource department. His office is next to the office of the human resource manager, thus making it accessible to all employees as well as strategically located for safety manager-employees’ interaction.