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Sometimes, in the process of conducting business, there arise issues of dissatisfaction among clients (Langer et al., n.d.). Mostaghel (2006) argues that in any business the customer forms the most important link. The level of competition in this industry calls for businesses to ascertain that they establish and maintain excellent standards if they want to retain their clients and vouch for new ones (Wong et al., 2008). The hotel industry is one of the most lucrative and consequently most competitive in the world. Being a customer service industry, more and more is demanded from it. As a result, hotels and other players in the industry are establishing very high standards of quality to ensure that they keep their competitive edge (Zhang et al., 2011). Conflicts occur in practically every walk of life and we should strive to solve them amicably (Crawford & Bodine 1996).

This paper aims at conducting an investigation on the various methods and approaches used by the management in the hotel industry to solve issues relating to customer dissatisfaction. In doing so, the paper will narrow to a case study of Tune Hotels in Malaysia. It will illuminate the repercussions of customer dissatisfaction via conducting a case study on the hotel and go ahead to offer recommendations on the same subject.

Company background

Tune Hotels is a budget hotel chain operated byTune Hotels Regional Services with operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and UK. Tune Hotels is a component of Tune Group of hotels, which is privately owned by the investment group of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO of Air Asia.The concept of low cost in Air Asia has been assimilated into the management of Tune Hotels. The hotel’s pay-as-you-use and limited service gets rid of much hospitality observed traditionally.

Research background

Businesses should strive to always ensure that customer satisfaction forms a key objective in the operations of the business (Feringa et al., 2002). One of the most crucial aspects of this industry is the capacity to handle different issues and complains arising from their customer in a bid to make them happy as well as make a fortune on them. In regard to this, all efforts must be made to ensure that customers are fully satisfied.

Customer service is one of the important aspects of Tune Hotels. The hotel management believes that the customer is the king. Customer service results into a number of benefits namely;

  • Sales increase
  • Rebranding of public image
  • Competitive edge
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and repeated business

Scope of the study

This study will encompass the following:

  • The relationship between the various service departments in Tune hotels that are involved in handling of customer dissatisfaction and complaints
  • The flow of communication both vertically and horizontally across various departments
  • The way complaints are handled by the management of this hotel

Statement of the problem

From an impulsive and abrupt rain check on the way customer dissatisfaction is handled by management in Tune hotels, it is evident that some skills in customer handling are lackingin Customer Service Department.

The statement of the problem for this study will be broken down into:

  • Clarify the different ways in which issues from the customers are handled in a professional way in the hotel e.g. by the front desk and customer service department.
  • Identify the relationship and different levels of communications that are present in this hotel e.g. between the management and employees, management and customers and between employees and customers.

The research questions:

  • What are the types of complaints that are presented forward by the clients on a day to day basis?
  • What measures have been carried out by the management of this hotel aiming towards eliminating issues of customer dissatisfaction and how effective are these methods?

The research objectives

The objective of this research paper is:

  • To investigate the avenues of conflict between Tune hotel and its employees.
  • To identify the different methods approaches to resolution of customer dissatisfaction issues in this hotel
  • To identify how the management resolves issues arising from the employees

These objectives will form the basis upon which this research study will be carried out.

The outcomes of the research:

  • Implement strict rules, regulations and guidelines aiming at making sure that the employees in the hotel are treating the customers in a professional way.
  • Constant and recurrent training of employees is important to enable them attain the best knowledge and systems on how to handle their customers.
  • Awards in terms of salary increment and bonuses should be given in recognition of employee’s outstanding performance.


A number of challenges are anticipated during the preparation as well as during the actual process of conducting the research. Some of these challenges are:

  • The basic challenge will be getting responses from the workers. Some workers may feel that the questions that are being asked of them are making them go against their professional ethics of confidentiality.
  • The management of the hotel may not be very forthcoming to give information regarding the way they handle their customer complaints terming it as the hotel secret.

Also there might be too many protocols required to follow before the researcher can be allowed full access to the hotel for purposes of conducting this study.