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The statement “Show me a bad boss, and I will show you a strong union” denotes the cooperation workers or employees tend to form in the eventuality of an employer treating them unjustifiably. The sentence means that employees pool their efforts to work together towards the achievement of their goals. Some of the goals that employees seek to fight for include conducive working conditions, insurance, and other benefits from employment. In addition, unions serve the purpose of providing employees with support during appraisals, strikes, grievances and concessions, and in disciplinary hearings. In addition, a union secures legislation protection for workers, and this is done in collaboration with the government. Notably, a union has representatives or leaders who facilitate negotiations between the employer and the employees regarding matters such as firing and hiring policies, safety regarding the work place, matters concerning workers promotions. Therefore, it can be concluded that a union is charged with two main functions, which include maintaining and improving of conditions dealing with employment.

Language forms the first communication challenge that a person in such a situation will face. Language might be a barrier because the people in question are in three different countries, which indicates that they are different native speakers; thus, understanding one another will pose a problem. Secondly, the time of communication poses a communication challenge as these three countries are in different time zones. This means that the time that might be conducive for a person in one country to communicate might not favor the rest, which means that time, is a barrier. Lastly, the distance will also cause a communication challenge. Distance will be a challenge to communication because the conversation will have to be transported via the internet or use of telephone, which might be experiencing network problems. Network facilitates the functioning of these two mediums of communication, and in the event of a network problem, that means no communication can take place utterly.

Supply Chain and Operations Activities in Mexico

Many firms in Mexico suffered the escalation in global competition. Despite that, several firms still perform well in the economy, but it is essential that the firms rethink their supply chain and operations activities. This is because the global competition is predicted to last for a while. In addition, it is essential to note that supply chains and operations activities in Mexico are influenced by sharing operations and the higher demand for both imported and locally produced products. Thus, the supply chains and operations activities in Mexico are faced with the problem concerning environmental consciousness, articulation and integration of the various nodes in the supply chain, and managing of knowledge in the firms for purposes of maximizing SCM goals. Thus, this essay explicates how the supply chain and operations can be done different in Mexico.

Firstly, managing of knowledge in firms has been indicated to have a positive effect on the SCM. This is because knowledge is significant to a firm’s internal and external relationships. It should be noted that knowledge contributes significantly to the competitive advantage of a firm. Secondly, supply chain and operations activities can be done differently in Mexico through linking networks (Lassa, Haar, Montalvo, & Hulser, 2009). It is essential for firms to maintain networks with their suppliers and partners as it facilitates coordination of prices, dealing away competition, and collection of information regarding the market.

Lastly, Lassa, Haar, Montalvo, & Hulser (2009) inidcate that firms in Mexico can adopt what is referred to as a Green Supply Chain Management. This is a type of supply chain ensures that the environment is respected at all levels of production and supply. This will enable the supply chains and operations in the country to comply with the requirements of ISO 14000.

In conclusion, with the increasing global competition, Mexico firms can adopt three measures in their supply chain and operations activities. These include networking of labor, managing knowledge within the firm, and adoption of ISO 14000 specifications that require an environmental sensitive supply chain.