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Forward Air Corporation is one of the companies operating in the transport industry (ground and air delivery services) in North America. One of the interesting things about Forward Air Corporation is that it operates two business segments in the transport industry, which make it competitive in the industry. These segments are Forward Air Inc and Forward Air Solutions Inc. Forward Air Inc provides high-level time-definite ground transportation services to the air cargo industry. The company has more than 80 terminals located in almost all major airports in the US and Canada. Forward Air Solutions Inc provides pool distribution services, which involve transportation of numerous small shipments to a common region.

Forward Air Corporation is listed in the American stock exchange: NASDAQ. In the financial year 2011, Forward Air Corporation shareholders earned $0.28 per share (DPS). The average price per share for the 2011 financial year was $30.35. The highest price per share recorded during the year was $37.00, while the lowest price recorded during the year was $23.70. The opening price during the 2011 financial year was $33.22 while the closing price at the end of the year was $33.10. Based on these figures, the HPR (Holding Period Return) for the investors who invested their money through buying of Forward Air Corporation’s share during the 2011 financial year can be calculated as follows;{[income + (end of period value – opening value)]/ opening value} (Holding Period Return, 2012). Income earned by the shareholders is usually in the form of dividends. Therefore, DPS is used in calculation of HPR.

After applying the above formula, the HPR for Forward Air Corporation shareholders during the year 2011 was 1.21 percent. The 1.21 percent HPR means that every dollar invested in the Forward Air Corporation by the investors, yielded a return of 1.21 percent. The HPR is a gain to the shareholders since it has a positive value. Forward Air Corporation is likely to be successful in the future given that within the last ten years, the company has been recording positive net income. Last year, the company recorded net income of US$12.912 million. Besides, the company has been recording growth over the years. Forward Air Corporation has managed to open operating terminal in almost all major airports in the US and Canada. The market price of Forward Air Corporation’s share was US$33.09 as at February 23, 2012 11.23 PM ET.

During the release of the 2011 end of year results, Bruce Campbell, the company’s Chairman, CEO, and President, said that the company’s business model is the core pillar for the continued success of the company in the market. He stated that the company has been recording improved performance every year due to the ability of its business model to exhibit a solid pricing environment as well as shipping trends that favour its time-definite services (Forward Air Corporation Quarterly and Fiscal 2011 Report, 2011). All these imply that Forward Air Corporation is likely to have a successful future.

Mr. Campbell has been the CEO of Forward Air Corporation since October 27, 2003. He is aged 59 and his annual compensation is US$500,000. Mr. Campbell is committed to the company’s success and he recognizes employees and contractors’ determination as critical to the success of the company (Bruce A. Campbell, 2011). Rodney L. Bell is the company’s CFO as well as the Vice President. Mr. Bell is 49 years old. His annual salary is US$268,100. He joined Forward Air Corporation in 1992 as an assistant Controller. He became the company’s CFO in February 2006. Mr. Bell is a Certified Public Accountant, with good financial management knowledge, both in small and medium-sized organizations. Mr. Bell is committed to ensuring that Forward Air Corporation achieves it goals, by ensuring proper management of the company’s financial resources (Rodney, L. Bell, 2011).