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The world is full of lies and deceptions. These may make one look down upon themselves. With rising levels of technologies, some people can change their natural look. This may be done through plastic surgeries and other processes involving the use of chemicals. For instance, last year in the United States, more than 300,000 teens had some cosmetic done on their bodies. In my opinion, this is unnecessary. One should find it worth to love himself, or herself the way he or she is. Nobody chose to be born the way they are. For this reason, no one should feel ashamed of how they look. There has been a lot of pressure from the media concerning looks. The effects of TV shows such as Extreme Make over, and I Want a Famous Face may explain the current trend in affairs. One may feel like he or she is not as beautiful, or handsome as another person. However, this should not be the case. The best way to live is by learning to live with the natural look. God created us all for a reason. Looking down upon ourselves because of the way we look is not only ungodly but also extremely wrong. People should appreciate themselves in spite of circumstances such as color, race and other factors that make us different as human beings. Building self worth is a process that may take time for those that have lost it. It requires commitment and willingness. It is not just a question of saying, “I will start loving and appreciating myself.” It is crucial to have tips on how to regain self worth. This paper analyzes some of the steps people should take so that they can regain their self worth.

Firstly, it is crucial for one to understand the power of his or her attitude towards himself. How do people perceive themselves? How do they talk about themselves? How does people’s present become a reality in their present lives? All these are questions that affected individuals need to ask themselves. One should not belittle his worth. No one should put himself down despite how they feel they look. Confidence is crucial in life. This amounts to self esteem. If a person’s self esteem is low, then they will certainly start feeling awful about themselves. This is dangerous as it will lead to a higher level of low self esteem. One starts to live in self denial. They fail to accept that they are unique in the world. However, this does not mean that affected individuals should start exaggerating their skills and talents to prove a point to the world. This will only worsen the situation. One will start appearing arrogant and proud. One will start feeling insecure. People should start finding themselves valuable. They should look at themselves exactly this way. It is possible to change ones attitude and thoughts. If the affected person is successful at this, it will be a milestone in terms of progress.

Secondly, people should learn to love themselves. There is a need to overcome what many people term as fear of self love. There are those men who believe that going to the gym will make them more attractive. This is not the case. The Irony is that while many college men believe a larger physique is more attractive to the opposite sex, women report desiring a normal-sized body (Nancy Clerk, 2004). Moreover, Olividia, a surgeon expresses concern that the bigger the better can often lead to anabolic steroid use (Natasha Singer 2005). There are those who view self love as narcissism or egotism. Others look at it as timidity. However, in my opinion, self love is extremely crucial for one to remain confident about how they are. In a world where charity is the order of the day, people may be tempted to think so much about others at their own expense. Unfortunately, it is the victim who gets hurt. One should strike a balance between what he needs and what others need. People should practice healthy self love. This means that a person should be his own best friend. One needs to treat himself carefully, and with compassion just like he or she would treat a remarkable friend. People need to respect themselves too. Moreover, people should avoid thinking about how other people see this. This will certainly downplay on their self esteem. In addition, we should learn to avoid being addicts of drugs as they are a sign that one is hurting deeply inside. It is crucial to grab the opportunity of working through one’s pain.

Thirdly, people should learn to trust their own feelings. One needs to listen to his feelings and rely on them. This is the basic principle towards self worth. Responding to feelings of other people is wrong. It is a sign of fear and timidity. People should know that we are decisive and that we go by own decisions. This will make them respect us in all circumstances. This way, we start learning to work with things that are good for all of us and others. For instance, famous adverts should not compel anybody to buy products because they say people will note quick change. Jessica Weiner says, “Why is everything touched up these days? Ads support Magazines and ads are about selling us a product (Pretty Unreal, 2005). This emphasizes the need to trust what we feel. We should not be compelled to buy a makeup or cosmetic because a magazine ad says so.

Moreover, we should learn to analyze ourselves. The culture most of us live in presents situations of other people analyzing us. One needs to find out where he or she is underestimating himself. It is only after recognizing this that we shall know where we are going wrong. One needs to as himself or herself certain crucial questions at this point. For instance, one may ask what are some of the talents that I have? , What are my skills? What strengths do I have? What are my interests and what do I want in this life? What is my condition health wise? Am I fulfilled? This point allows people to know themselves, probably more than they did before.

It is also essential for people to stop making their self worth conditional for others. It is improper to live a life as one thinks others want him to be. This is perilous on self worth. It is vital for people to live their lives, a moment at a time, taking care not to be hurt by others. We should not allow other people to make decisions for us. This will lead us nowhere. We should do what makes us happy. For instance, one should not go into a career because the society has compelled him or her to trudge into it.

Moreover, we should avoid listening to people who seem to have lost focus. We should be ourselves. We should not look at celebrities and wish to be like them. What we see about them is all fake. Article one notes that celebrities strive to look good by getting help from trainers and struggling on compulsive work outs. However, this does not translate to health. People should watch out. If something has worked with a person, it does not imply it will work out on us. If something did not work out on another, it does not mean it will not work out for us. The crucial thing is to try. Being black, white, muscular or not macular does not matter. The most crucial thing is to appreciate ourselves. We should list down the strengths that we have so that we can know what lines in life are most favorable for us.

The decisions that we make in life will determine what becomes of us. There are people who have done plastic surgery before and done all other things to try and change their identity. However, some of them have ended up a disappointed lot of people. There are those who still loathe in loneliness despite their efforts change their looks.